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Ford Transit Custom

Current Ford Transit Custom Offers

The Ford Transit Custom is larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. You will be able to load in items up to 3m long – or fit in three Euro pallets. Carrying 8x4 boards – slide them in horizontally or vertically – whatever works best for you and the rest of your load. Go for the long wheelbase options and you will get even more space.

In 2018, the Ford Transit Custom was the UK's best-selling medium-sized van, but what makes it so special and such a Ford icon? View our Ford Transit Custom review on YouTube.


Ford Transit Custom Dimensions & Spec

Each Ford Transit Custom is available in various lengths/dimensions and specifications including a Deranged Ford Transit Custom.

There are six body styles to choose from – The Van or Double Cab Van, which has space for six people. Both come in short or long wheelbase options as does the Transit Custom Kombi – which can carry up to nine people, but offers incredibly flexible seating, so that you can carry crew and cargo. Perfect if your jobs change from day to day, with the need for more crew on one day, more equipment on another. The Duratorq diesel engine technology and a small turning circle – just 10.9m in the short wheelbase models - makes it perfect if you’re driving around cities and towns and need to be able to manoeuvre your vehicle in tight spots. To keep you comfortable, the driver’s seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable, and Ford has even thought to include an allergy-friendly interior – if you choose air conditioning, you’ll find a pollen filter is included as well.

More comfort comes from a better ride and handling created by the new stiffer mounting bushes and brackets, and Torque Vectoring Control, which helps road holding and improves traction. Fuel economy is outstanding, thanks to Ford Economic Technology and Auto-Start-Stop, which enables the engine to shut off automatically if you are idling at traffic lights, for instance, the engine starts automatically when you drive off.

Emergency Brake Assist recognises when you’re braking suddenly and helps put more pressure in the braking system, while your front and rear indicators will flash automatically if you brake heavily - alerting drivers around you to the situation – a great safety feature.

Other clever safety features include roll-over mitigation, which can detect a potentially hazardous situation and help keep the van stable; Load Adaptive Control, which takes into account the effect on the vehicle if you have an uneven load; and Hill Start Assist, which helps you to stop rolling down a slope when making a hill start.

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