Best Cars With Big Boot Space

So you’ve got a lot of junk for your trunk? We’re here to help. Here are the 10 cars that you can lease right now with enormous boot spaces. But because they’re all on the bigger and therefore more expensive side, we’ve given you 3 more options, should you need a large amount of space on a less large budget. See, we’re here to help. Winner winner massive dinner. 

10. SEAT Leon Estate | 620 Litres

SEATLeon-art Possibly the best looking family sized estate car on sale today, the Leon Estate packs a whole load of boot space into a body more creased than a student at a Stewart Lee gig. It’s got a little more boot volume than the similarly sized Ford Focus Estate, but it’s also very well appointed. As in, there are bag hooks, an adjustable loading floor, a ski hatch and little pockets behind the wheel arches. Much style and much substance. 

9. Mercedes-Benz GLE | 630 Litres

model-mercedes-benz-gle-amg-coupe The GLE feels enormous to drive, and the boot has the same vibe once you lift the tailgate. The 630-litre volume figure is a little misleading because you can slide the middle bench forward and get it up to 825, although if yours is a hybrid GLE then the capacity drops to 490 litres because there’s a battery pack under the floor. In that case, you can’t have the car’s seven-seat option, either.

8. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate | 640 Litres

MercedesE-ClassEstate-thumb (1) If you like your big boot more traditional in feel and a little lower to the ground than an SUV, then the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate actually trumps the GLE for standard cargo volume. The sleeker body means its max capacity isn’t as great (1820 litres against 2055 in the GLE) but this is one of the biggest estate cars on the market in boot volume terms, trumped only by the next car on our list. 

7. Skoda Superb Estate  | 660 litres

model-skoda-superb-estate There’s almost no limit to the superbness of the big Skoda. The hatchback has an enormous boot opening and an outstanding 625 of boot volume, but if you really want to maximise your carrying capacity, the estate boasts 660. That stretches to 1950 with the seats dropped. All of that comes complete with convenience features like a low loading lip and a large, flat loading floor. 

6. Citroen C5 Aircross | 720 Litres

CitroenC5Aircross-thumb The C5 Aircross is all about comfort and space. It does feel bigger than the average family crossover, which can make it a little tricky to park at times, but the payoff is an enormous and highly flexible boot. The rear bench can slide forward to liberate an extra 60 litres of space, and the three individual rear chairs mean their backs drop separately, a useful feature.  

5. BMW X7 | 750 litres

BMWX70-thumb There’s no magic here: the BMW X7 is absolutely massive, a towering godzilla of an SUV attached to a grille bigger than a Texan billionaire’s barbeque. And so it stands to reason that the boot is huge. Lift the rearmost (6th and 7th) seats and you’re still left with a boot space bigger than a MINI Hatchbacks has (212 litres - the MINI has 211), but drop them and 750 litres is liberated. One of the biggest car boot spaces you’ll find anywhere. It’ll cost you, though.  

4. Volvo XC90 | 365 Litres

VolvoXC90-thumb Even more impressive than the X7 in the sense that it feels a little smaller on the road yet offers a little more boot space, the XC90 also serves up much more space with the rearmost seats in place: 397 litres. That’s more than a Volkswagen Golf. The XC90 is beautifully calm to drive too, incidentally. And arguably a lot less ‘in your face’ than all the other large premium SUVs. 

3. Audi Q7 | 865 Litres

AudiQ7-thumb Lift the standard electronic tailgate (which most premium SUVs offer, to be fair) and the Q7 greets you with more empty space than a derelict cinema. As usual, the capacity drops if yours is a hybrid, but even then, 650 litres is more than you get in an E-Class Estate. As you’d expect, the rear seats fold flush (also electronically) which makes it great for bulky objects, and even if you have all seven seats erect, you’re left with 295 litres of luggage space - almost identical to a Ford Fiesta’s. 

2. Tesla Model X | 894 Litres

TeslaModelX-thumb You don’t necessarily think of Tesla as the bastion of practical motoring, but here we are. The Model X might be all gullwing doors and insane speed, but it also holds a massive amount of luggage. It’s partly because it was designed specifically (and only) for electric power, meaning its battery and motors are packaged smartly. As such, its tall body has a 2180-litre max capacity, including a 187-litre space in the bonnet.  

1. Range Rover | 900 Litres

LandRoverRangeRover-thumb The Model X might be a clever package, but ultimately the sheer size of the full fat Range Rover means it ultimately has more cargo space. It’s also because you can’t get a 7-seat Range Rover, so every bit of the boot is given to luggage space. The split-tailgate is a clever touch too, making loading easier and doubling up as a bench seat. 

Bigger Boots On A Smaller Budget

Renault Captur | 536 Litres (seats forward)

A compact crossover, technically, the Renault Captur nonetheless has a boot that dwarfs the average family hatchback’s. A Ford Focus has 375 litres, for example. There’s a catch though: the 536-litre space is with the sliding rear bench in its forward position, which leaves very little rear leg space. With the seats in their normal place, you’re getting 444 litre, though that still compares well to the Focus, say. 

Ford Focus Estate | 608 Litres

After using the Focus hatch as a negative yardstick just now it seems only fair to invoke the Focus Estate as a car with plenty of boot space for a reasonable price. It doesn’t have quite the volume of the SEAT Leon Estate, nor quite the style to our eyes, but it’s still hugely practical and it’s the more entertaining car to drive. 

Peugeot 5008 | 780 litres

The 5008 manages to squeeze 7 seats into its body without looking (or feeling) that much bigger than the 3008 crossover it’s based on. Put the two together and you’ll see the 5008 has a much squarer rear, but from the outside you’d never guess it would surpass the BMW X7, say. As per the Citroen C5, the individual middle seats mean each can be folded separately, and the loading 5008’s loading floor is completely flat.

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