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Save up to £2600 per 60k miles with a Ford Transit Connect

Published on Monday 20 May 2013 in Van News

Chances are you don't have much time to spend looking for your new van. But by putting the effort in upfront to make sure you are buying the right van, you could save money over the life of the vehicle. The needs of your business might change over time, so the demands placed on your van will too.

Here are a few pointers to think about when choosing your new vehicle:

1] Don't just buy the same van again and again, stop and think whether the size is right. You can make major fuel-savings by changing vans. According to the Energy Saving Trust switching from a Ford Transit to a Ford Transit Connect will save more than £2,300 over 60,000 miles. For more details about our range click here.

2] Downsizing might not be the answer for everyone. Your business may have outgrown your van in terms of the number of tools or goods that have to be transported. Make sure your payload is big enough.

3] Don't just concentrate on the initial cost of the van. Choosing the base model might mean that you don't have sufficient power and end up thrashing it when you are out on the road, so fuel economy will drop.

4] Think longer term. It may seem a long way off, but the spec you choose now will heavily influence the re-sale value of your van. Electronic Stability Control (ESC), proximity sensors and ply-lining are often paid-for extras, but really worth investing in if you want to get the maximum back from your van at the end of a lease.

Van drivers, who want to get on with the job of running their business and don't have the time to trawl the forecourts can really benefit from expert help when selecting new light commercial vehicles.