Why I love the new Range Rover Velar’s door handles

Vanarama's Tom Roberts explains why he can't stop thinking about Land Rover's new vehicle's door handles.

Walk up to the Range Rover Velar, whip out your key and press the "unlock" button. There will be the familiar click, flash of hazard lights and then…oh wow…the Velar's door handles smoothly slide from INSIDE the door. After doing the video review, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm hooked, I'll take five!

They're beautiful


And it's not just the fact they slide out that makes them so cool. They're also very comfortable handles to hold. The manual describes them as "flush deployable door handles", because that's what they are. In T3's article about the top 10 reasons you'll love the Velar, the door handles were at number 3.

They're scientific

As Land Rover is keen to point out, these door handles are not just a cool futuristic feature. They actually reduce drag on the vehicle and improve efficiency. In fact, this is the most aerodynamically-efficient Land Rover ever produced, with a drag coefficient of only 0.32 – which we all know is a good thing.

So, check out the Range Rover Velar. You'll come for the style but – if you're anything like me – you'll stay for the door handles. Let me know what you think.

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