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Nissan NV200 Lease Deals

Our best Nissan NV200 leasing offers

The NV200 has been designed to be a compact vehicle that offers ‘big van’ capability. It leads its class in so many ways - load volume and length and low floor height. And Nissan has made sure that the driver gets class-leading comfort too: the cabin is spacious, with lots of storage and offers a high, ‘SUV' type driving position, offering easy access and great visibility.

There are a total of 13 storage areas in the cabin, ensuring you keep your driving space clear. Emissions are class leading too – only 137g/km.

Power comes in the shape of a powerful yet economic 1.5 DCi turbo diesel engine that offers 200Nm of torque, combined with a smooth five=speed transmission.

All models come with twin side loading doors as standard, most models also have the option of either glazed or unglazed rear doors, and the Combi variant is available with tailgate or asymmetric rear doors. Opt for the combi style and you can transport between five and seven passengers, and the seats fold fully in order to maximise cargo area when you need it. Whichever version you choose, the exterior remains compact with a 10.6m turning circle, making it easy to manoeuvre around narrow city streets and parks.

The loading area can accommodate two Euro pallets and the cargo volume adds up to an impressive 4.2m3. Interior lengths measures 2.04m, while the width between wheel arches is 1.22m. Loading height is 52.4cm, which makes it easier on your back when loading and unloading, and standard floor hooks help to keep that load secure. You can also choose to have a mesh folding or solid steel bulkhead, two sliding rear doors, and rear glazing if you wish.

Choose the rear-view camera and you’ll have eyes in the back of your head when reversing, thanks to the full colour screen in the cabin.




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