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Car Leasing Made Simple

Why Choose Car Leasing?

Leasing is the smartest way to upgrade what you drive without breaking the bank. Once you've chosen your perfect car, you can choose the contract length & mileage to suit you.


Taking advantage of our car leasing deals means you'll benefit from:


  • Brand new cars.

  • Our Price Promise to guarantee the best deal*.

  • Free, fast & contactless delivery of in-stock vehicles.

  • A quick & easy process.

  • Order online straight from your phone.


How Does Car Leasing Work?

Car leasing works like renting, but for a longer period. You choose your new car, the lease contract length, how much you'd like your initial payment to be & the mileage limit you'll need over the period. At the end of your lease agreement, you return the car & upgrade.

Find out more about the simple process of leasing.


Should I Lease Or Buy A Car?

Leasing a car means lower fixed monthly payments with no need to worry about depreciation or getting rid of the car at the end of your contract. You simply upgrade to a brand new model every few years.

You can also include optional maintenance to help keep any additional costs down. Leasing is the most affordable way to drive a brand new car! Take a look at our guide to purchasing vs leasing a car.


What's The Difference Between Business & Personal Car Leasing?

Vanarama offers superb deals on both personal & business car leasing.

Business contract hire is available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships & LLPs to lease company cars with fixed monthly payments. You can use the leased vehicle for both business & personal use with the vehicle returned at the end of the contract.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) works in the same way as Business contract hire, but the car is for an individual & their personal use. Personal car leasing deals always include VAT within the advertised cost whilst business prices exclude VAT. Take a look at our handy guide for more details.


What's Included With Car Leasing?

Every car lease with Vanarama includes:

  • A brand-new car.

  • Free, safe & contactless delivery.

  • Road tax.

  • Full manufacturer warranty.

  • Free collection when your lease ends.


Want additional protection for your car during your contract? For added peace of mind, you can add an optional maintenance package which covers servicing, MOTs, tyres, brakes, wipers & bulbs.


What Happens At The End Of A Lease?

At the end of a lease, you simply hand the car back to the finance company who will collect it free of charge. You're then free to upgrade to your next dream car.

Find out more about how car leasing works in our easy to understand leasing guides.


*Terms & conditions apply.