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The Cheapest Electric Cars To Lease Right Now

One of the most regular – and increasingly outdated – criticisms of electric cars is that they cost way more than their petrol or diesel equivalents. That may have been true when the first electric models arrived on these shores around 10 years ago but, as the electric market has grown, the prices of some of the world’s best electric vehicles have got closer and closer to those of their conventional equivalents.

Right now at Vanarama we have at least 10 electric cars that can be leased for less than £250 a month, ranging from the ultimate in small city cars through to incredible value-for-money SUVs and estates.

Leasing opens up a range of choice that is normally beyond the reach of anyone who doesn’t want to pay in full to buy a car and it means that some of the world’s most popular electric models are now the smart leasing choice.

And remember that electric cars will offer significant savings, too, in terms of running and maintenance costs, all of which makes leasing an EV ever more affordable throughout the lifetime of your contract.

The Cheapest Electric Cars To Lease From Vanarama Right Now

Below are the top 10 cheapest EVs that you can lease through us right now. All are available on 2, 3 or 4-year leases with a variety of annual mileage options. Head over to our Electric Cars section where you can select the terms that are just right for you (prices are subject to change).

Smart ForFour Electric


The tiny Smart forfour may come in a little package but it has impressive performance for such a compact four-seat machine. Its 81bhp can push it to 81mph – so it can happily stay with the pace on motorways – but it’s in towns and built-up areas where the Smart is made to live. Earlier versions weren’t all that comfortable but totally new suspension has transformed the car and, with its small batteries charging from 10-80% in little more than 3 hours with a home charger, it can always be primed and ready to go.

MG ZS Electric


There’s a good case to be made to say the MG ZS Electric is the best-value electric car on the market at the moment. Available to lease for way less than you’d pay for some of the most popular equivalent SUVs like the Hyundai Kona, it even comes in cheaper per month right now than much smaller cars like the Renault Zoe or Seat Mii.

And for a low monthly price you get lots of equipment thrown in, too. Even the entry-level model comes with nice toys like keyless entry and adaptive cruise control.

Vauxhall Corsa-E


The Corsa has been one of Britain’s most popular hatchbacks for many years and now its first fully-electric model promises to sell in big numbers thanks to both its low leasing costs and impressive credentials as Vauxhall’s first foray into the ‘batteries only’ world.

If you’re looking for a small family hatchback then it’s definitely worth giving the Corsa-E the once over. It’s slightly less ostentatious than the design-oriented Peugeot e-208 that it shares its powertrain with, but it’s arguably a bit more comfy to drive and really roomy as well.

Nissan Leaf


The grand-daddy of the electric family, the Leaf set the standard for this new class of vehicle way back when other car makers were still thinking the electric fad might never catch on.

They, of course, were wrong and Nissan reaped the rewards by establishing itself as one of the early EV runners with the Leaf. Now their most popular EV has much more competition but it continues to demonstrate how a car with such pedigree can continue to be good to drive, equipped with some serious tech and just be really easy to live with.

Renault Zoe


Like the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Zoe isn’t a noisy newcomer to the EV division. It’s been available in the UK for nearly 10 years and now – in its most recent uprated guise – can offer some of the best-value electric motoring bar none.

It’s a 5-door small family hatchback – think Ford Fiesta or VW Polo – and boasts some of the best range for an EV in its class. Real-world tests have shown the Zoe can deliver around 200 miles on a charge, which is stronger than many of the cars it is up against.

SEAT Mii electric 


Sharing its electric innards and overall design with the Volkswagen e-up, the Seat Mii is a really viable choice as a small, highly useable – and enjoyable – small city car.

Seat say the Mii can deliver 161 miles on a charge, which makes it one of the best performing small EVs available and at a price that makes it even more worthy of consideration. Decent range is also matched by decent performance: the Mii is as nippy around town as you could hope for.

MG5 Electric


Electric estate cars remain a rarity right now. Manufacturers have been piling their development budget into creating crossovers and SUVs. But MG recognised that there is still demand for a machine that can deliver great load-carrying capability but be kinder on the planet at the same time.

The result was the MG5, an all-electric estate that boasts greater range than many cars that come in at a higher price, and serious all-round value. Well-equipped and just an easy, quiet drive, there’s lots to like about the MG5.

Mazda MX-30


Those quirky rear-hinged doors might be the standout feature of the all-electric Mazda MX-30 but the reality is the little SUV/crossover from the maker of the iconic MX-5 convertible is one of the more unusual and interesting EVs on the market.

It’s handling is precise and sporting – a trick learned from its little MX-5 brother – and the interior is also a notable feature with some cool, recycled materials and plenty of tech too…

VW e-up!


While it shares the same parts under the skin (and most of the skin too…) with the Seat Mii, the Volkswagen e-up is VW’s version of a how electric city cars should be done. It’s small, practical and, thanks to the VW badge, it will be reassuringly well made and great value too. 

And for a small car it has plenty of smart gizmos including an app that lets you switch on the car’s climate control via your phone – so no more iced up windscreens or roasting cabins to jump into…

Peugeot e-208


We’ve got a soft spot for the e-208. It’s undeniably one of the best-looking hatchbacks around and comes with plenty of electric creds too. All Peugeot 208s are impressive – they’re well made, have great interiors and drive like a good hatchback should. 

And in electric form you get all that plus the knowledge that the e-208 can get over 200 miles from a charge and can really shift when it needs to. It’s 0-60mph time is just 8.1 seconds, which makes it a true successor to those great Peugeot GTis of yesteryear.

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