Can You Guess The State From The Plate?

The USA has some of the most interesting registration plates in the world. Every state has one of their own, celebrating what makes each region of North America so diverse & fascinating. They certainly beat the plain plates that are commonplace around the UK & Europe when it comes to the wow factor.

To find out if you're savvy enough to guess the state from the plate, we've created a fun & challenging quiz to test your knowledge of USA geography, state mottos & identifiable features.

Think you know your Alabama from your Wyoming? Delaware from Utah? We've randomised the plates you'll come up against each time you attempt the quiz so make sure to replay until you've correctly guessed all 50 if you're up for a real test!

Identifying The United Plates of America

Looking for a quick challenge? Check out our image quiz below & see how many state plates you can identify.


We've deliberately mixed in a few tough ones to keep things interesting, but if your US geography is up to speed, you'll likely be able to pick out a few from the landmarks & iconography displayed on the plates… answers below!

Did You Guess The State From The Plate?

Hopefully, you've made your guesses before checking the answers – nobody likes a cheater! Either way, here are the correct states as shown on the plates above.

  1. South Dakota: Know where Mount Rushmore is? Odds are you'll have correctly identified this as South Dakota's license plate. Bonus points to their designer for the cheesy rhyme.
  2. Hawaii: Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. One of Hawaii's nicknames is 'The Rainbow State', so it only makes sense to include one on the license plate – it also helps that it looks rather snazzy.
  3. Arizona: Since 1997, the Arizona plate has featured its trademark desert vista – a love letter to the rugged beauty of the state's wilder regions.
  4. Texas: The cowboy connection of 'Lone Star State' should be enough for most people to correctly guess Texas or, for the more geographically inclined, the iconic shape of the state itself.
  5. Illinois: Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the USA while living in Illinois & they're not about to let you forget it. The state proudly commemorates this fact on its license plate.
  6. California: This plate was awarded 'Plate of the Year' by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association in 1983 & was discontinued in 1987. In our opinion, it's much better than the plain 2019 edition.
  7. Utah: One of the USA's most recognisable landmarks, the 'Delicate Arch', features prominently on Utah's license plate showcasing the state's natural splendour & National Park heritage.
  8. Florida: A suitably bright plate to reflect their 'Sunshine State' status, Florida included a nod to its world-famous oranges in what is probably one of the most recognisable plates.
  9. Colorado: Home of the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains range, it's no surprise that Colorado would choose to include the iconic peaks on its license plate.
  10. New York: The 'Empire State' plate nods to the iconic colour New York City's cabs – while celebrating its official state colours of blue & gold (more of a taxi-yellow on the reg if you ask us) representing its world-famous capital city & the wider region.
  11. Nevada: To outdo other states plastering mountains across their license plates, Nevada went arty with some nice geometric peaks & a muted colour scheme – it's undoubtedly one of the more accomplished plate designs.
  12. Montana: Featuring the iconic Rocky Mountain range & a reference to its unofficial nickname 'Big Sky Country', Montana's state plate gives you all you'd need to identify it.

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