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Top 10 Best Hybrid Family Cars

Looking for the perfect hybrid family car can be a big decision – there are many factors to consider to find the ideal match that works for you and your little ones. There are plenty of family electric cars available, but if you’re not ready to make that jump, there are several excellent types of hybrid options for families of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to prioritise a spacious interior, a longer electric-only range from the battery, or punchy performance, we’re here to help you find your perfect family lease deal.

Here are our 10 best hybrid family cars.

1. Hyundai Tucson

38-mile pure electric range


The Hyundai Tucson is an impressive family car, so much so that it won eight awards in 2022. This car is the perfect combination of style and family practicality, with plenty of space for everyone and their luggage.

You can choose between mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models, so if you don’t have a charging point at home, the mild hybrid option still works for you by improving efficiency and reducing emissions. You can expect 38 miles of pure electric power from the Hyundai Tucson PHEV when the battery is fully charged. This model is generally cheap to run too, performing well in fuel economy tests. 

2. Ford Kuga

35-mile pure electric range


The Ford Kuga is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV with incredibly low running costs as well as style, practicality, and impressive tech. The 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine and electric motor together achieve 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds, and the battery can be charged to 80% in under two hours.

This hybrid family car has sharp steering, good grip on the road, and good visibility, making this a fun car but one that’s also comfy and easy to live with. The 412 litre boot space is big enough for family luggage and any day to day storage needs.

3. Skoda Superb Estate

35-mile pure electric range


The Skoda Superb Estate is a great value-for-money family car with excellent performance. You can reach 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds with smooth and quiet acceleration. Skoda has earned an impressive reputation for reliability and quality, saving you cash in the long run.

The boot space of this PHEV is tremendous and a key feature of the car, with a huge 510-litre capacity for all the luggage that comes with a family. The interior’s gloss black and chrome accents give it a real luxury feel, and it has masses of passenger space, so even the tallest will ride comfortably. A great all-round family car. 

4. Lexus NX

40-mile pure electric range


The Lexus NX SUV comes with a choice of both ‘self-charging’ hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. The self-charging version doesn’t need to be plugged in, but instead has a battery that is charged largely using heat energy generated when braking, which would normally be lost. The battery powers a small electric motor that assists the petrol engine, increasing efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions. The PHEV needs to be plugged in to charge its much bigger battery, although that means it can get up to 40 miles using electric power alone.

Stylish, comfortable, high-quality and packed with tech, the Lexus NX has a large 521-litre boot, making this hybrid family car a great choice for someone looking for something practical and striking.

5. Cupra Formentor

34-mile pure electric range


The Cupra Formentor is a coupé-style performance SUV which is available with a variety of engine choices, two of which are petrol-electric plug-in hybrid models - one with 201hp, the other with 242hp. The Formentor is an incredibly sleek and attractive car with a driving experience that goes with it, because Cupra is a brand that specialises in sporty and high-performance models. Both of these PHEVs offer an electric-only driving range of around 35 miles.

The Formentor offers good legroom and headroom in the back and is spacious enough for tall passengers. It comes with a 345-litre boot capacity and has scored an impressive five-star Euro NCAP rating, scoring 93% for adult safety and 88% for child passenger protection.

6. Kia Sportage

43-mile pure electric range


The Kia Sportage family SUV stands out from competitors with its ultra-modern aesthetic, spacious boot, and impressive twin-screen infotainment system. It’s fantastically comfy and refined to drive too, and day-to-day running costs can be kept low with the PHEV version, which can drive up to 43 miles on electric power.

The latest Sportage is bigger than previous versions, with the rear seats big enough to fit three adult passengers comfortably, and with a boot sizeable enough for all their luggage too.

7. Volvo XC60 Recharge

36-mile pure electric range


‘Recharge’ is the name that Volvo gives to all its plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles, and there are a couple of XC60 Recharge models, both of them plug-in hybrids. Whether you chose the T6 or the more powerful T8 version, the XC60 Recharge is incredibly comfortable, with light steering and soft suspension, making for a luxurious and relaxed driving experience, but also an extremely rapid one; the XC60 Recharge T8 hits the 62mph benchmark in just 4.9 seconds.

The boot is large at 505 litres, but beyond the basic space is a car with a beautifully designed and flexible interior, with flourishes like a twin boot floor and a split-folding rear seat bench. . All models as standard come with loads of safety kit, too, like lane-keeping assistance and driver fatigue detection. 

8. Kia Niro Hybrid

40-mile pure electric range


The Kia Niro is available as a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid with much improved interior space over the outgoing model and cutting-edge tech. Anyone over six feet can fit comfortably up front or in the back, making it perfect for a family. There's a generous amount of space inside the cabin as well as the boot.

Visibility is good too, giving extra confidence when out on the roads – plus, front parking sensors are standard on all of the trims, so it’s easy to squeeze into a tight space. The Kia Niro Hybrid is more than powerful enough for everyday driving, yet it returns 60mpg fuel efficiency, which is deeply impressive for a family car of this size. 

9. Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid

32-mile pure electric range


The Renault Captur E-Tech hybrid makes great use of its interior space, with enough space for adults in the rear and a substantial 536-litre boot - that’s a lot larger than most other SUV-type cars of this size and shape. Choose between a 142bhp self-charging hybrid that can reach 0-62mph in 10.6 seconds or the plug-in hybrid version with 158hp.

The Captur’s cabin is comfortable and has a surprisingly high driving position, even for a car of this type. That gives you a good view of the road ahead. 

10. Peugeot 308 Hybrid

37-mile pure electric range


The new Peugeot 308 is a very impressive family hatchback that’s refined, comfortable to drive and, in our view, very nice to look at. There's an impressive amount of safety tech as standard in the plug-in hybrid version too, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and long-range blind spot protection, making driving with the family that much safer.  

Boot space is 361 litres for the hybrid version which is competitive against other cars of this type - broadly the same as the luggage space in a Volkswagen Golf, for example. The cabin has more than enough space in the front and enough in the back for your little ones.

Browse more hybrid cars and family leasing deals with Vanarama for affordable monthly plans. Alternatively, you can explore our leasing guides for more information, like our guide to the best family cars for all fuel types, or our run down of the overall best hybrid cars for all types of driver.

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