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Photos and videos are for illustration purposes only.

With a mission statement to build ultra-luxurious cars with timeless Italian style, Maserati delivers on its promise of “sports and style cast in exclusive cars”. As a premium marque of the Fiat group sitting just below Ferrari, whichever model you choose, expect elegant designs, a highly impressive drive, and that desirable trident badge.

Arguably a class leader in long distant comfort, the Maserati Ghibli is the brand’s mainstream offering designed to drive company growth. It’s a large, immaculate saloon car that’s available with a diesel engine. Couple this with its large boot, and it’s an uncompromising Maserati that’s both practical and economical.

The Quattroporte – literally meaning four doors – is ideal for anyone looking for a long, limo like saloon with plenty of space and rear leg room, whilst those in the market for a beautiful coupe with an exceptional cabin of plush wood and leather should check out the GranTurismo.

But the icon of the Maserati brand is the GranCabrio, the convertible version of the Maserati GT. It demonstrates the Italian flair for art and craftsmanship, and is almost certainly one of the most stylish and exotic convertibles in the world.

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