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MINI Convertible Car Leasing

Why Lease the MINI Convertible?

MINI Convertible

Following the successful release of the new Mini in 2001, the line-up saw the arrival of a cabriolet version in 2004 which was powered by the same range of engines as the classic hatchback. The Mini Convertible proved to be popular, almost 30,000 cars being sold in Britain before the previous generation came to an end. Now it returns, almost 20 years later.


Models Available

The convertible’s return sees it atop the new Mini UKL1 platform, promising enhanced levels of comfort & refinement based partly on the new architecture’s increased size & rigidity.

The appearance stays much the same & it’s because of the fully electric fabric hood that BMW can claim that the model sits alone in the supermini segment as a true premium-brand 4-seat convertible.



Few cars offer the same amount of fun as the Mini Cooper Convertible, & with all its direct segment rivals not presenting 2020 models, it now stands in a class of its own. For fun around town, you'll struggle to find a car as good as the Mini.


From The Manufacturer

“Take an open-aired, open-ended adventure in the Mini Convertible, complete with an electric roof that opens in just 18 seconds. Built to make the good times even better, & the drive even safer, the Mini Convertible now comes with more technology than ever, including rear parking distance control as well as the Mini Connected system.”