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Toyota Aygo Car Leasing

Why Lease the Toyota Aygo?

Toyota Aygo

Toyota's Aygo was first unveiled at the 2005 Geneva motor show, aiming to inject the city car sector with its promises of being compact, nimble, reliable, stylish and offering genuinely low running costs. The snappily styled, modestly priced model has become a popular fixture of the city car class. ‘Fun to drive’ and ‘easy to fall in love with’ are among the firm’s stated aims for the Aygo. And it’s true that this car is modern, broadly competitive on space and value, and creditable on efficiency. It’s also among the most desirable city cars to look at.


Models Available

There is a choice of 3 or 5-door body styles. The Aygo appeals with its bold exterior styling and surprisingly roomy interior (for such a small car), as well as a nippy drive and personalisation options.



The Aygo competes for sales against the VW Up, Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto in a far more sophisticated city car market than what it used to be when Aygo was first launched. Luckily, the Aygo offers a distinctive style to match with its frugal fuel economy, great driving position and impressive infotainment system.


From The Manufacturer

“Be ready for the unexpected with the compact and streetwise Aygo. Refined, distinctive and connected, Aygo is well-equipped to meet your needs.”