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Audi Q2 Car Leasing

Why Lease the Audi Q2?

Audi Q2

Compact SUVs were nothing new when the Q2 was launched, but Audi was the first manufacturer to combine pint-sized dimensions with a premium badge. Audi hedged its bets that small crossovers (bought by young people) would be a hit with Audi customers (mostly young people). Makes sense. Similarly, the new Q2 aims to take the small SUV class upmarket, boasting a luxurious interior along with style & practicality.


Models Available

The small SUV has been a sales hit in the UK, with the Audi Q2 being one of a number of smaller models from premium marques that have previously produced much larger SUVs. It is also the smallest SUV offered by Audi, sitting beneath the Q3, Q5 & Q7.



As an entry point into high-riding Audi ownership, rivals to the Q2 include the Mini Countryman, Peugeot 2008 & Renault Captur, along with the segment-pioneering Nissan Juke. All of which are likely to be concerned by its luxurious interior & desirable badge.


From The Manufacturer

“The design of the Audi Q2 speaks a unique language, its equipment leaves nothing to be desired. It doesn't fit any box, but will fit perfectly in your garage.”