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Top 5 reasons to lease a Peugeot 108 - you'll want one after reading this

You might be asking yourself: "Should I lease a Peugeot 108?" Here's Vanarama's top 5 reasons why you should.


It drives EXACTLY how you think

The 108 is a little city car, and it drives like a little city car. Smooth acceleration, wide handling of corners and a gentle ride are just the ticket for the urban or town driver – this is what you buy a 108 for.


Running costs are excellent

How does 54mpg sound? This is a seriously cheap car to run, and every single review we've read make a point of it. Even its emissions are under 100g/km – competitive, don't you think?


This vehicle packs infotainment

Every model above entry packs a 7-inch touchscreen used to control infotainment. It can also mirror your mobile phone's screen allowing use of Google Maps in lieu of a Sat Nav unit. The screen is bright, sharp and the whole unit also features Bluetooth connectivity!


Visibility is excellent

Small cars MUST have good visibility, and the 108 does not disappoint. Low window lines and thin pillars all over the vehicle mean you'll have no problem seeing out the front, out the back, or in your blind spots.


Bags of room for the driver

Two adults? No problem. Head room? Bags of it. Leg room? Stretch out as far as you like. The space in the cockpit is up there with the top-of-class city cars.

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