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DS DS 7 Car Leasing

Why Lease the DS DS 7?


DS may be one of Europe’s newest car brands – spun off from Citroën in 2014 – but it’s a name that conjures up a rich history. The original Citroën DS was perhaps the world’s most advanced car when it was launched in 1955. It came with what seemed like futuristic technology such as self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension at a time when most saloon cars were seemingly still modelled on house bricks.

Now, if you want a premium midsize SUV in the current market, you're not short of choice. But there's nothing quite like the DS 7 Crossback. See, DS was looking for a new model - one that's never been sold with a Citroen badge.


Models Available

The SUV aims to bring a bit of Louis Vuitton to the mid-sized premium segment. The DS7 could easily turn heads as a motor show concept car, so it does an excellent job of standing out in a world of very good if slightly bland premium vehicles. To drive, the DS7 is clearly designed with comfort in mind rather than sportiness. Like the sound of all of this? Charismatic, elegant and satisfyingly rare, the DS 7 Crossback does indeed bring something different to the upper class part of the midsize SUV segment, if that’s what you’re looking for.



The premium SUV shares a platform with the Peugeot 3008 and Vauxhall Grandland X and is intended to rival the Audi Q3, and Volvo's XC40. Are there enough premium segment customers wanting that kind of car? Ultimately, the DS 7 feels special - or at least it will for the right kind of buyer. That customer will love the painstaking attention that's been paid to almost every detail of this design. The DS brand is about a 'Different Spirit’ and while other marques have promised that, this one delivers it.


From The Manufacturer

“Charismatic, muscular and sensual, DS 7 Crossback demonstrates personality instantly with its elegantly contrasting lines. This subtle blend is the result of our desire to convey its sophistication and the distinction of the very best savoir-faire.”