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Fiat Car Leasing



Why Lease A Fiat?

Fiat has long been Italy’s largest car maker, with a history going all the way back to 1899. Today, the company specialises in compact, affordable cars that tend to undercut their competitors on price.

Traditionally, the car that Fiat is best known for is the little 500, & that’s still the case today. In the current range, there are 2 kinds of Fiat 500. The first you will be quite familiar with because it’s been on sale since 2008 in fixed-top & ‘500C’ convertible forms.

There’s also the ‘New Fiat 500’, a full-EV battery-powered city car that was launched in Spring 2020 & is also available in fixed-top & convertible forms. Thanks to a decently-sized 42kWh battery, the New 500 can offer a longer driving range than some of its lifestyle-orientated small car EV rivals.

The 500L small MPV was the first spin-off from the modern era Fiat 500 generation and launched back in 2013, the 500L small MPV. Few small People Carriers offer greater scope for personalisation than this one.

If you’re looking for a compact hatch the 2019 version of the 500X small crossover is worth considering. The Fiat 500X shares its underpinnings with its FCA Group cousin the Jeep Renegade, but is exclusively front-driven & offered with a choice of two small petrol engines, either a three cylinder 1.0-litre unit or a 4-cylinder 1.3. Inside, there’s a trendy cabin with Fiat’s latest Uconnect infotainment set-up.

There are two other small car options, the best-known of them being the little five-door Fiat Panda, which has been a stalwart in the manufacturer’s range since 1980. This current MK3 design was originally launched back in 2011, but in early 2020 was updated with the 1.0-litre mild-hybrid powertrain fitted to the 500. At the top of the Panda range, the 4x4 versions have quite a loyal following among country buyers looking for a small car who live in outlying areas.

The Fiat Tipo is available in hatch or Station Wagon estate forms & is vastly less expensive than some competitor family hatchbacks can be had with 1.4 litre petrol or 1.6 litre diesel power.

Leasing a Fiat with Vanarama guarantees unbeatable customer service & affordable monthly payments. If you need any further information on any of the lease cars in our range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Fiat 500

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Fiat 500L

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From £192.92 including VAT

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Fiat 500X

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Fiat Panda

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Fiat Tipo

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