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Ford Focus Car Leasing

Why Lease the Ford Focus?

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus replaced the Escort, which although slightly stale by the late 1990s, was still one of the most recognisable cars on the road. Not only that, but the Focus was Ford’s entry into the hugely popular family car segment, a true bread & butter model that it simply had to get right. It was recently refreshed in 2018.


Models Available

The most recent iteration of the Ford Focus comes in 2 body styles - Estate & Hatchback.

Estate -  In the estate version, there's now a class-leading 1.14m of width between the wheel arches & overall load length with the rear seats folded (1,700mm) is up by 134mm. That means 1,650-litres of carriage capacity - ideal if you’re a growing family looking for a car you won’t struggle to fit your wetsuits for your summer road trip.

Hatchback - The importance of Ford offering the Focus as a family hatch cannot be underestimated. While other manufacturers can better this car in some regards, they still can't make their family hatchback contenders drive like a Focus.

Making sure not to miss out on any of the emerging bodystyle trends, Ford also offers an ‘Active’ model with a raised ride height & plastic body cladding as it attempts to cash in on the trend for SUVs & crossovers.

All models are more spacious yet lighter than those they replace, & Ford has ensured the Focus has plenty of technology too.



The Ford Focus has long been a class leader in the family hatchback segment. Fun to drive, well-equipped & backed up by a large dealer network, it isn’t hard to see why it’s 1 of the highest selling new cars in the UK.

With more than a whiff of premium models like the Mercedes A-Class in its stance & features, the most recent Focus is more upmarket than ever before in order to appeal to a new set of buyers. However, its main rivals include the VW Golf, Mazda 3 & the Skoda Octavia, all extremely popular cars in the UK market.


From The Manufacturer

“Following closer collaboration with customers than ever before, the all-new Focus has been developed from the ground up to provide the most confidence-inspiring, intuitive, & rewarding driving & occupant experience of any mid-size family car in Europe.”