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Best Cars For Insurance Groups Band 11-20

Best cars for insurance groups band 11-20

By Matt Robinson - Updated 12/4/23

There are many factors to consider when looking for your new car. From running costs, annual road tax, servicing and maintenance, and, of course, insurance. We've covered the cheapest cars to insure (Groups 1-10), but what if you want something with a bit more oomph on the road? Well, in bands 1-11 you might be facing slightly higher insurance premiums, but you’ll find more variety in terms of brands and types of car – including hatchbacks, premium models, compact SUVs and even MPVs. Here are some of the best cars we’ve found in insurance groups 11-20.

Top Insurance Group 11-20 Cars

Hyundai i30 Volkswagen Touran SEAT Leon Nissan Juke Vauxhall Astra Toyota Yaris Cross Audi A3 BMW 1 Series Volkswagen Golf Peugeot 2008

Hyundai i30

Group: 15

Insurance groups 11-20 hyundai i30

A solid five-door family hatchback – or estate or even a swoopy Fastback model, if you prefer – the Hyundai i30 is a great choice for those looking for cars in the 11-20 bracket. It comes with a range of smooth, turbocharged engines, loads of standard equipment and pleasant driving manners. It’s also spacious and practical inside, and like any Hyundai, the i30 is backed up by the company’s exceptional five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. Pick an i30 in N-Line specification and you also get sporty looks, just like the range-topping i30 N high-performance model – but without the elevated insurance costs.

View the latest Hyundai i30 leasing offers.

Volkswagen Touran

Group: 18


The Volkswagen Touran is an award-winning and well-established MPV. The perfect family car, big enough for everyone and the dog, the Touran is also compact enough to squeeze into some fairly tight parking spots. All Tourans have a decent eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard, complete with Bluetooth, a USB port and DAB radio, and SE versions add satnav to the list of features too. What insurance group does this sit in, you ask? SE-spec turbocharged models like this 1.5 TSI Evo SE are in Group 19. Very reasonable.

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Group: 15


The SEAT Leon is a class-leading hatchback suitable for everyone. All versions of the Leon come with five doors as standard, with trim levels running from SE up to Xcellence Lux, via four other grades in the middle (including the sporty-looking FR cars). Step inside the interior of the Leon and it is surprisingly comfortable for longer journeys, with added adjustable lumbar support on the front seats. Entry-level SE spec like this 1.6 TDI SE will give you an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, complete with DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, plus a decent seven-speaker sound system.

For more information, check out our latest SEAT Leon lease deals.

Nissan Juke

Group: 20


A family-friendly SUV, the Nissan Juke is very affordable and is widely credited for kick-starting the crossover revolution. Models include the Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta, Tekna and Tekna+ trims, all of them generously equipped - alloy wheels, air conditioning and touchscreen infotainment are standard fit. Insuring the Nissan is reasonable across the board, as most models tend to sit in group 14 for insurance. Furthermore, every Juke comes covered by Nissan’s agreeable three-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

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Vauxhall Astra

Group: 18


The Vauxhall Astra is a firm favourite with first-time car owners, or those who just want faff-free driving. If affordability is your thing, the good news is that the Astra fares well against brilliant alternatives like the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf. It’s not even much slower than its rivals either. This 1.2-litre Turbo SRi version takes only 9.7 seconds to 0-62mph, which puts it only a second behind the Golf 1.5 TSI Evo with 150hp. Insurance on the Astra is reasonable too, as most Design and GS models sit in or around group 18.

View the latest Vauxhall Astra leasing offers.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Group: 12

Insurance groups 11-20 toyota yaris cross

almost all of its model specifications – making it really affordable for annual cover. Better still, what you get is a stylish yet understated family crossover with the ability to do pretty much 60mpg all day long, without you even trying to drive in a manner that saves fuel. Add in a healthy roster of safety kit and Toyota’s legendary reputation for reliability, and you have a compelling, low-cost-insurance choice here.  

Audi A3

Group: 20


If you’re a fan of the SEAT Leon and the Volkswagen Golf, but are looking for something with a pinch of added luxury, today’s A3 shares lots of its parts with both of these vehicles but has a more prestigious badge and interior. The A3 offers a highly customisable driving position with loads of adjustment for the steering wheel and seats. If visibility when manoeuvring is a concern, rear parking sensors are included on all versions, and a reversing camera comes higher up the trim range. The A3 is a great drive, as it handles and grips the road really well. The TFSI S line 150 sits in the top bracket of the cars in this insurance group banding, so be prepared for slightly higher premiums as a result.

BMW 1 Series

Group: 16


This premium German hatchback has everything you need and has been a staple in the premium hatchback sector for a while. The BMW’s interior is good, with plenty of seat adjustment to suit your height and reach, and as standard you get analogue instrument dials with a 10.25-inch infotainment screen that has loads of features. Its clear and crisp graphics, and simple menu layout, make it super-easy to navigate if you’re out and about. Insurance isn’t bad on the 1 Series either - Group 16 if you opt for something like the 116d SE.

View our latest BMW 1 Series lease deals.

Volkswagen Golf

Group: 20


Now in its eighth generation, it's fair to say the Volkswagen Golf is a timeless classic. It’s full of clever technologyl, but on a basic level is just a really practical family hatchback. The Golf has light steering and a real sense of quietness on the road, which makes it relaxing for popping into town. But if you opt for the R-Line model, you get a driver profile selection system which adds a Sport mode to help out on faster roads. The R-Line does put you into the highest insurance group in this category though (Group 20), so you’ll also have to pay a little more for your sportier looks and drive.

View our latest VW Golf leasing offers, or take look at our Polo vs Golf comparison for more info.

Peugeot 2008

Group: 13


The Peugeot 2008 is a small SUV, but it happens to be one of the biggest in the class. It isn't much taller than a regular hatchback, but the seats are mounted high so it does feel like you’re perched up in a ‘proper’ SUV. It has lovely soft suspension too, so driving along motorways and A-roads turns out to be a breeze. Furthermore, it’s cheap to insure: this little SUV sits in group 13, if you opt for something like the PureTech Active or Allure models with the 1.2-litre, 100hp, three-cylinder petrol engine.

View our latest Peugeot 2008 leasing offers.

Who Are Insurance Groups 11-20 Cars Suited To?

Cars in insurance groups one to four tend to be smaller and a little lower-powered than higher group cars. This makes them an ideal choice for new or younger drivers, or motorists who do plenty of city and town short trips.

Is insurance group 11 high or low?

In overall terms, insurance group 11 is quite low on the scale, as there are groups ranging from one to 50. Factors such as vehicle price, performance, safety, security, and repair times and costs all determine which insurance group a particular car sits in. Take a look at our insurance groups explained guide for a more in-depth explanation.

What is the highest insurance group?

The highest insurance group is 50, which is populated by very high-performance models of premium cars, like the Audi RS 6 Avant, and also exotica and top-end luxury vehicles such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lotuses, Rolls-Royces and Porsches, among more.

Find out more about how car leasing works or why lease vs buy a car in our easy-to-understand leasing guides. Or if you're ready to browse for your next we've got a huge range of car leasing offers at unbeatable prices.

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