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Best Cars For Insurance Groups (Band 1-10)

If you drive a car, it's likely that you’ve done the monotonous task of finding a quote for your car insurance. But did you know that your car belongs to 1 of 50 insurance groups decided by Thatcham Research, and that these groups dictate how much you’ll be paying annually? If your car is small, cheap to buy and has low power, it’s likely your car will fall into a lower category group and therefore your insurance will likely cost you less. Go for a powerful, rare and expensive car, and you’re grouped in a higher insurance group bracket where you’ll be paying a higher premium. But what cars fall within the cheapest insurance groups? Today we’re going to look at those, specifically those in groups 1-10. 

Volkswagen Polo

Cars like the Volkswagen Polo fall into the group 1 category, especially if they have a small engine like this 1.0-litre EVO SE model. A smaller, lighter car with a small engine like this is very cost-effective to run while also being great for nipping about town. Volkswagen has a great reputation for the safety, comfort and durability of even its smallest cars, and all these qualities help when Thatcham is deciding on insurance ratings.  Group: 1

Polo Blog

Hyundai i10 

The Hyundai i10 is a great little car if you’re looking for a cost-effective runabout that’s fun to drive and has space to boot. A 1.0 MPi SE Connect version falls into a category 3, so no need to worry about high insurance costs. To look at the i10 you might assume it’s tiny inside, but it actually has plenty of space to fit you and 4 of your friends. It has great visibility too, making driving a breeze and parking a doddle.  Group: 4

Hyundai Blog

Renault Captur

Need space for the family? The Renault Captur may be for you. This was one of the first small SUVs on the market and has lots of safety kit included, which helps make it pretty cheap to insure. The entry level 1.0 TCE 90 Play is packed with features including keyless entry, power-folding door mirrors and cruise control, as well as automatic lights and wipers.  Group: 8

Renault Blog

Seat Ibiza 

Looking for one of the best small cars on the market? Then look no further than the Seat Ibiza. It’s not only great fun to drive, but it’s cheap to insure too. The 1.0 TSI 95 SE model has the lowest cost insurance available, sitting comfortably in group 2. One of the best handling superminis you’ll drive, it’s plenty grippy and has fantastic body control without ever being too firm or uncomfortable. Plus, if you’re into the latest car infotainment, every model has a large 8.25-inch colour touchscreen with bright and easy-to-use controls.  Group: 2

Seat Blog

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is another noteworthy option if you’re looking for a small but spacious car on a budget. Opt for a lower-spec version like the 1.0 TSI SE if you’re looking for low insurance costs. We love the smooth, quiet nature of the 1.0-litre TSI engine which helps make this one of the most refined small cars out there. The Fabia is Skoda’s equivalent of the VW Polo, yet it offers a little more interior space, broadly similar quality and slightly lower costs.   Group: 8

skoda fabia estate

Ford Fiesta

Ford’s smallest model is a bona fide icon and should be near the top of your shortlist regardless of insurance costs. Thankfully, it’s easy to get a cost-effective insurance rate with a Fiesta. We recommend a 1.0 EcoBoost Trend model, as not only is it a great choice for those looking to save, it combines fantastic driving dynamics with the sort of cutting edge tech you might expect in the larger models. Touchscreen navigation and Apple CarPlay are both standard.  Group: 9

Vauxhall Corsa

A firm favourite for UK drivers both old and new, a shortlist of cheap cars to insure should always feature a Corsa. Like the other cars in this roundup, if you opt for a lower engine size like the 1.2 Turbo SRi Premium there’ll be no nasty surprises when looking at car insurance quotes. This version of the Corsa also has great driving features like cruise control, parking sensors and air conditioning.  Group: 3

Corsa Blog

Fiat 500 

Fiat’s iconic city car is popular amongst young drivers for its cute and stylish look, combined with affordable running costs. The Hybrid model, which uses a 1.0-litre petrol engine and some electrical assistance to save fuel, is in an insurance group that puts it within reach of even new drivers. Inside this distinctively retro looking car you’re greeted with a funky cabin that’s stood the test of time. It’s easy to drive too, although taller drivers might find it a squeeze. Group: 6

Fiat blog

Renault Clio

Hands up if one of your first cars was the Renault Clio? Thought so! It’s not hard to believe that this classic French car is a firm favourite for new drivers as well as those wanting lower car insurance. The base model, a 1.0 SCe 65 Play, will put you into a cheap insurance group as well as giving you a generous number of features including Hill Start Assist, Cruise Control and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.  Group: 3

Clio Blog

Kia Picanto

This Kia Picanto may not knock your socks off on first look, like a MINI or Fiat 500 might, but that doesn’t mean you should count it out when looking for an affordable new car. After all, you are looking for a car with low insurance and the Kia gives you just that, especially if you choose a 1.0 GT-line model. This little no nonsense city car is comfortable, practical and is a great runabout to get you from A to B. GT Line trim adds some sporty body enhancements too, so it looks the part. Group: 3

Kia Blog

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