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Whilst previously considered a budget car brand, in the last few years Hyundai have cemented their reputation as a manufacturer that offers a highly reliable range of cars, with all the specifications you’d expect, at great value. Along with their sister company Kia, they’re now one of the top 5 vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Hyundai’s smallest model is the i10, a compact city car that is comfortable, quick and effortlessly chic. The i20 is the brand’s contender in the supermini category, boasting style and reputability as well as being available as a coupe model.

For family-sized options, the i30 is a superb compact hatchback that comfortably seats five whilst the i40 provides a more spacious interior. Both are available with estate style rears in the Tourer models. For an executive upgrade, consider the Genesis, Hyundai’s premium model with luxurious trims.

Completing the range, the Tucson supersedes the ix35 as the midsize crossover SUV model, whilst the Santa Fe offers exceptional value for a large SUV. And for those in the market for an MPV, Hyundai’s i800 provides enough seats and space for 8 people.

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