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France’s largest and oldest car manufacturer is Peugeot S.A, the company that grew the Peugeot brand by incorporating Citroën, now its sister marque, into a multinational corporation in the 1970s.

The smallest conventional car in the Peugeot line-up (not counting the all-electric iON) is the 107, an economical city run-around that delivers great fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. In the competitive supermini market, Peugeot’s latest offering is the new 208, a striking hatchback that’s stylish, fun to drive and practical.

For more space still, the 308 is a larger hatchback that’s available with an estate rear, while the 508 saloon model offers a huge boot without compromising the exciting drive. To really make a statement, you might wish to consider the RCV, Peugeot’s coupé sports car.

Peugeot’s four digit range lifts their iconic cars to new heights, with the 2008 a worthy contender in the small supermini crossover segment, and the 3008 an accomplished SUV crossover. It’s also available as a hybrid model. Bringing up the rear is the Peugeot 5008, the marque’s MPV people carrier.

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