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Porsche Panamera Car Leasing

Why Lease the Porsche Panamera?

Porsche Panamera

The story of the Panamera started in the 1980s when Porsche came up with an idea of bringing out a 911 that would actually seat 4 people without them having to compromise their limbs. Under the 989 name came the 4-door 911 and let’s be honest, it was ugly.

Fast forward to 2009 and Porsche tried again with the Panamera in a market with completely different demands than before and space in the rear was a lot more important. Now, for 2020, part sports car, part full-size luxury saloon, part hatchback, the Porsche Panamera is a dynamic and refined package that delivers the sporting character and performance that has made the brand famous.


Models Available

As fun to drive as it is practical, the Panamera is perfect for those who dream of driving a 911 but need something that's more versatile and perhaps family-friendly. The Panamera comes in a body style that Porsche calls the Sport Turismo. Once thought to be blasphemy for the German sports-car company to build a saloon, the Panamera is now in its second generation and has been accepted by the brand's loyalists.



With 8 cylinders, 5 doors, 4 seats and an optional twin-clutch gearbox, the Panamera gives 911 owners who need more space an alternative to the firm’s chunky Cayenne SUV. In doing so, it brings the company up against a raft of diverse rivals. First up is the BMW M6. With its 2-door coupé body, the BMW puts style ahead of practicality, but its new Competition Pack means it should set the standard in terms of dynamics.

For buyers and leasers after more space, the Audi RS6 Avant takes some beating. Then there’s the Mercedes AMG GT coupe with its relaxed character, punchy engine and sleek looks, but that’s not nearly as comfortable as the Porsche.


From The Manufacturer

“The Porsche Panamera. A Sports Car without compromise for everyday use.”