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ATTENTION: Keyless cars targeted by thieves with ‘relay attack’

Published on Monday 27 November 2017 in Car news

ATTENTION: Keyless cars targeted by thieves with ‘relay attack’

How to keep your car protected from keyless car thieves...

The constant development of modern technology means that criminals are learning how to cheat systems. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Keyless car thieves have overcome yet more vehicle security technology, namely keyless entry systems and immobilisers.


It takes two

The 'relay attack' is the name that's been given to this criminal act, and that's because it involves two people working together – check out the video of this kind of attack at the end of this post.

The first stands next to the targeted car. The second is situated by the target's front door with the special device in hand, in order to get in range of the key fob which is often left close by (most often on hallway surfaces or kitchen worktops).


The master plan

Next, the special device picks up the key fob signal from inside the house and relays it to the car, just in time for the accomplice ready at the vehicle to successfully open the door and drive away. Job done!

Sounds frighteningly simple to me... but here are 3 top tips to ensure you are maximising your vehicle's security against these 'relay attacks':


1. Keep your vehicle key fob as far inside your house as possible!

Avoid leaving them in the hallway or hanging them up by the door, as this only makes the criminals' lives a whole lot easier. The closer the key fob is to a door or window, the easier it is for criminals to do their dirty work.


2. Invest in a key lock box, preferably metal.

This is a simple one, but it will give you that added security, and a barrier that will interrupt the frequency of the criminals' device.


3. Use a steering lock.

With this system in place, even if criminals were to successfully break in to your vehicle, this device will at least stall or prevent them from driving it away.


The trick is to outsmart them – if you've taken these simple precautions, you're maximising your chances of not becoming a victim of the 'relay attack'.

So, follow these sensible steps to protect yourself and your assets – as ever, give us a call on 01442 838195 for more information.