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Best Cars For Drive-In Cinemas

**Fancy a drive-in cinema experience in your car, but not sure where to go to get it? Vanarama's Jonathan Crouch reveals the cars he'd recommend to get the full cinematic experience.

**Drive-in cinemas are a great entertainment option during the current pandemic & what could be better than watching the film of your choice from the comfort of your own vehicle?

The Best Drive-In Cinemas Near You

While Summer is nearly over, there are still plenty of drive-in cinemas running old classics & the latest films all the way through September & October. Here's a couple of suggestions on where to get your film fix:

The Cars We'd Recommend For Drive-In Cinemas

Think about the drive-in cinema experience – especially on a freezing Autumn or Winter's night. Ideally, you'd want to have the heater running in your car, but if your vehicle has a petrol engine or a diesel then you're not going to be able to keep your engine running. Unless you don't care about expelling exhaust fumes on your fellow cinema goers & distracting them with engine noise.

That's why we think fully electric cars are ideal if you're venturing to a drive-in cinema. Not only is the noise from the engine minimal, but emission pollution is hugely reduced thanks to their electric motors.

If you fancy an all-electric car, head over to our Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing page -  there's a wide selection of EVs at affordable monthly lease rates. Here are a few that we'd recommend...

Tesla Model 3

teslamodel3 (2)

The Tesla Model 3 is the car that put Tesla on the map. This is a 5-seat saloon that's sized somewhere between a BMW 3 Series & a BMW 5 Series.

There are 3 versions on offer: the Standard Range Plus variant, which has a single-motor rear-driven set-up & offers 254 miles of WLTP driving range. The Long-Range version, which has a WLTP-rated 348-mile driving range. There's also a flagship Performance Model 3 variant, which has a WLTP range figure of 329 miles.

The cabin features a large centre touchscreen, in this case a 15-inch display that controls all features in the car. Tesla also offers the best public charging network you can get with an EV, it's Supercharger points enable a Model 3 owner to get a 50% battery charge in about half an hour.

Vauxhall Corsa-e

vauxhallcorsae (5)

Topping the list of more affordable options is the Vauxhall Corsa-e. This little supermini has a 50kWh lithium-ion battery working with a 100KW electric motor that revs to 136PS. There's a single-speed auto transmission which packs a punch when it comes to power - 30mph is topped in only 2.1 seconds & you'll reach 60mph just 5.5 seconds later.

The Corsa-e model's driving range is WLTP-rated at 209 miles, which you'll only manage if you stay in the powertrain's 'ECO' mode. Change to the alternative Sport mode & you'll lower your range by about 10%. The luggage capacity of a Corsa-e is the same as the fuel-powered Corsa – 309-litres, which extends to 1118-litres if you flatten the rear backrest.

As for charging times, if you lease through Vanarama, your Corsa-e will come with a 7KW wall box & using that, a full charge from empty will take 7 & a half hours. If you can locate a public 50KW rapid charger, then you'll be able to charge up this Corsa from 15% to an 80% capacity in about 45 minutes.

In terms of charging - finding a plug in point is easy. All models come with navigation as standard, so you'll always be able to find the nearest charging point. On the Vanarama Cars 'Offers' page, you'll find a top-spec 'Elite Nav' trimmed Corsa-e variant ready to lease.

Renault ZOE


The Renault Zoe is the compact fully-electric car that all the other manufacturers have to beat. It's changed massively over the last couple of years thanks to the installation of a larger 50kWh battery that gives it a near class-leading WLTP-rated driving range of 242 miles.

Leasing with Vanarama means you'll also get a free wall box charger with your choice of electric car. Connect this charger up to a ZOE & you'll be able to charge to full power in 9 hours & 25 minutes.

Now onto the cabin & boot space. The dashboard gets a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster & offers 338-litres of boot space, which extends to 1225-litres if you flatten the rear seats. Browse through the Vanarama 'Offers' page & you'll find a high-spec GT Line trimmed 100KW, R135, 50kWh ZOE variant with a very affordable leasing deal.

For more motoring news, check out our car blog &, while you're here - why not browse our car leasing deals.

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