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Car and mind COMBINED!

Published on Thursday 04 January 2018 in Car news

Car and mind COMBINED!

Nissan expose their future plans for mind-control driving...

Can our minds control our driving? Is this really possible? Vanarama's Laura Day explores Nissan's latest autonomous technological advancement.

Nissan's latest creation, the mind-reading driver assistance system called 'Brain-to-Vehicle' (B2V), is a clever development, and one that could potentially improve safety on the roads.


How does it work?

Once you're all hooked up and on the go, the autonomous system analyses your brain waves, allowing it to predict the driver's anticipated movement – such as turning the steering wheel or pushing the accelerator pedal.

Then, the system can take action accordingly using driver assistance technology. Nissan hopes that this technological advancement will optimise reaction times by around half a second – impressive!

This could potentially revolutionise the safety of drivers on the roads – if everyone's reaction times were improved by half a second, imagine the positive effect this would have on global driving abilities.


An expert point of view

Nissan's Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci highlights: "When most people think about autonomous driving, they have a very impersonal vision of the future, where humans relinquish control to the machines".

This change is daunting, but Daniele goes on to add: "B2V technology does the opposite, by using signals from their own brain to make the drive even more exciting and enjoyable".

So, B2V technology doesn't fully take away the driver's control, it combines driver and vehicle through a simple mind-reading technology, to improve the driving experience and safety.

The technology will be debuted at the CES 2018 trade show in Las Vegas.



It seems to me that this technological advancement is nothing but PURE genius!

Without taking away full control from the driver, it merely IMPROVES their control – making for a much safer and more enjoyable ride.

How do you feel about autonomous technological advancements? Do you think it will improve the driver's experience and safety on the roads? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you have any questions call us on 01442 838915 – we are here to help.