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If you were responsible for a collision, would you stick around?

Published on Wednesday 03 January 2018 in Car news

If you were responsible for a collision, would you stick around?

No, really…WOULD you stick around?

Shelbourne Motors recently asked 1,000 people whether they would own up if they were at fault in a motoring incident, and a massive 31% of drivers admitted that they would drive away! Vanarama's regular contributor Lexi Birch takes a closer look at why.

A massive 31% of drivers admitted that they would drive away if they were involved in an incident. Tut tut.

Out of the 1,000 people asked, 65.7% said that they would own up if there was visible damage, whereas 55.1% stuck around because there was witnesses, and 57.5% said they would stick around through wanting to be a good, honest person.


Scenario time

You are driving along in your brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA belting the latest Little Mix (oh come on boys, you can admit you have a little soft spot for them…) and as you are bravely about to attempt that high F note, you faintly hear a slight scratching noise and feel some tension from the left-hand side of your car.

All of a sudden, your heart is in your mouth. A bead of sweat appears on your brow as you nervously pull over on the side of the road. Luckily you are in a quiet street and it is early evening so most people are inside tucking into their dinners.

You turn and look over your right shoulder to assess the Ford Fiesta that your left wing-mirror grazed as you drove past. The shimmer of the street lamp reveals a three-inch scratch to the white paint on the Fiesta's right wing-mirror. No break, but obvious visible damage.

Now...do you knock on a few doors to find the owner of the Fiesta, or do you drive away as if nothing happened?


Keeping your lips sealed

As a nation, it appears that perhaps we aren't particularly honest when it comes to 'fessing up to motor collisions, regardless of how big or small. In fact, a common theme for why people tend to keep their lips sealed is because they deem the damage to be minor and not worth the hassle involved in owning up.

But what if you were on the receiving end? What if you woke up one morning and were leaving for work to notice a big fat scratch on your paintwork, or a chip in your windscreen that will slowly but surely get bigger and bigger?

These types of incidents may seem small and insignificant, but they sure make a massive difference to the owner's day. Do you really want to be the person responsible for dampening that person's day?


Telling the truth

As they say, honesty really is the best policy. That person could really appreciate your efforts to be honest.

All it takes is for you to build up the courage to knock on the owner's door and apologise for the accident. Alternatively, if you are unsure of who or where the owner is, all you would need to do is drop your name and contact details down on a piece of paper and pop it under their windscreen wiper.

It really could make all the difference.

What would you do in this situation? Stop? Leave your details? Let us know in the comments below, or on the post you came here through.