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Should I lease a Fiat 500?

Published on Thursday 17 May 2018 in Car news

Should I lease a Fiat 500?

THIS, and other questions like it, is what Vanarama keeps getting asked by customers – "should I lease a Fiat 500" – along with "can I lease a Fiat 500", and even "is the Fiat 500 just for women". The answers are simple, in order: yes, yes and a definite no. Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

The amount of people I've personally spoken to that dismiss the Fiat 500 and strike it from their car wishlists is astounding. And do you know what I say to them when they do dismiss it? I suck air through my teeth and say: "Well, you're entitled to your opinion, but 1.5 million people disagree with you."

Yes, that's right! The Fiat 500 is a top-seller, not worthy of dismissal, and is a peak performer in the supermini car category. If you're looking at the Fiat 500 with tempted eyes, don't worry, it's okay to want one. It's a great little car packed with style, retro appeal and a nippy engine – don't hesitate a moment longer, make arrangements to get in one!


The Fiat 500 could make ME look cool!

Would you like to know how Fiat itself markets the 500? It calls it "the smartest, sassiest and most seductive city car", and that sounds pretty good to me. While I like to think I'm smart, sassy is not an adjective I've ever considered myself embodying. But after reading that line I am immediately of the opinion that THIS car could make me appear confident and sassy. A tall order indeed.

Imagine it: my Fiat 500 rounds the corner, I park up outside a coffee shop, step out, make some well-timed witty quip about my car being more fashionable than P Diddy, people laugh, pull their sunglasses down to check out my style, and I'm into the coffee shop ordering a skinny wet latte. The crowd gasp, look amazed, and that's it. Scene.

Fiat goes even further with its other marketing message: "Dress up look sharp. Wrap your car in a style to match your personality. Our wardrobe for this collection has never been more on trend." All those fashion terms in one sentence leaves little doubt in your mind who this car is aimed at. It's been designed for people who want to look cool, and who doesn't want to look cool? I certainly do.


The Fiat 500 packs features

The 500's design is shamelessly retro, harking back to the 500 of old and incorporating all sorts of amazing little details. Take the rear light clusters as an example, they incorporate sharp-looking brake lights, tail lights and indicators into a rounded-square design – it looks great. And at the front are two big daytime running lights with LEDs designed to look like the zeros in the 500's logo.

And that's not all, interactivity in the interior is top-notch as well. Stylish dash, panels and pockets litter the interior dominated by a 7" HD touchscreen, leather steering wheel with audio controls to match the gorgeous Mirror special edition badge, its chrome-finished door mirror covers and superb 14" chrome-finished wheel covers or optional 15" alloy wheels. It's all about style matching the substance of the drive – and on that note, it delivers in spades.


The Fiat 500 is a great drive

The engines you'll find in the new Fiat 500 are called TwinAir – a cool name in itself – and boy do they pack a punch! For a small two-cylinder engine – available in two power outputs – you're going to be surprised how fast it can get up to speed. It's noisy at times, but that noise just adds to the personality of the confident little car.

Get the vehicle in its native town/city setting, however, and you'll see the benefits of its size and engine first hand. It's nippy enough to get away from traffic lights or at a roundabout, and small enough to squeeze down double-parked roads with ease. It's built for this type of driving, and whether you're younger or older you'll wonder where it's been all your life when it comes to the day-to-day driving. Which isn't to say it can't handle motorways, because it can, with minimal fuss and decent handling. Perfect, eh?


So, should I lease a Fiat 500?

I'd say, yes. In a word, yes. Not only is it a supermini car, it's available for extremely competitive supermini prices. It's got style, personality, is a great drive, has some lovely features and an air about it that seems to exude confidence and sassiness. And if that sounds good to you, you'll love it. Simple as.