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Top 5 In-Car Essentials Every Driver Needs

Published on Thursday 06 February 2020 in Car news

Top 5 In-Car Essentials Every Driver Needs

Top 5 In-Car Essentials Every Driver Needs

Whether it's navigational extras, car safety equipment or emergency breakdown gear, there are lots of in-car bits and bobs that just might save your bacon one day! Vanarama reveals the most useful ones.

When it comes to kitting out your car there are plenty of bits and bobs that drivers should carry with them on the road. While there are some that just create more clutter, here are the top 5 essentials…


Emergency Breakdown Equipment

Let's kick off with the big one – everybody knows it's important to keep emergency breakdown gear in their car, but how many of us actually do?

A torch is a glovebox essential…imagine breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no light whatsoever – scary, right? A torch will fit perfectly in your glovebox and means that, should the worst happen, you're fully prepared.

It's also a good idea to find space in your boot for a hi-vis tabard and warning triangle – these are often a legal requirement in some European countries, so be sure to double-check this if you're driving abroad this summer.


Tyre Care Kit

Your tyres are precious and ensuring they are kept in tip-top condition is essential, to keep your car running smoothly. Carrying a tyre pressure checker with you is a simple and easy way to check them if you're on the road and can't reach a service station just yet.

A tyre inflation kit is another useful one to keep in the glovebox – they're only small and could save your bacon if you needed to pump up your tyres on the move.


Car Cleaning Cloths

Storing a pack of clean cloths, (either wet or dry wipe), in your glovebox is another neat hack to keep your car looking spick and span 24/7! Giving your car a quick once-over for a few minutes every week, could be the difference between maintaining a pristine car interior or allowing the dust and grime to build up until it looks dirty.

And realistically, if you've just bagged the brand-new car of your dream,who doesn't want it to be looking its best?


A Spare Change Of Clothes

This might sound like an odd one but bear with me on it. You never know when having some extra clothes and shoes in your boot might come in handy. Let's imagine you drop tomato ketchup all over your lovely shirt at lunch, or perhaps you break down in the winter months and have to walk miles to a service station.

Those spare clothes aren't sounding quite so silly now, are they? You never know what might pop up in your day and it's always best to be prepared.

To avoid them looking scruffy and scattered around in the boot, leave the clothes in a small rucksack or bag so that they're kept neatly together, and avoid getting dirty or lost in and amongst everything else in the car.


First Aid Kit

A compact first aid kit is an absolute must. You can never be too cautious, and you can guarantee that the one time you aren't carrying a first aid kit will be the time you most need it.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from basic ones to big ones – as long as you've got the essentials included: antiseptics, bandages, plasters and more, you're good to go!