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The Top 5 Dash Cams for 2018

Dash cam ownership could protect you in a case of an incident.

Having the best dash cam gives you the reassurance you need while you're on the road. Acting as a second pair of eyes in your vehicle, they continuously record your journeys. Dash cam's come with many different features, footage quality, shapes and sizes. So, how do know which dash cam is the right one for you? Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Dash cam use may have taken a while to become widely used, but they are becoming more popular on UK roads. It's easy to understand why: they're relatively cheap to buy, easy to install and are very beneficial for drivers.

For example, in the event of an incident, having a dash cam can be used to prove what happened, if a dispute between drivers was to occur. Many insurance providers, police and UK courts now accept dash cam footage as evidence.

Having a dash cam fitted could save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to proving that an incident wasn't your fault.

So, what dash cam should you look to buy?


The different types

You can purchase a single camera dash cam that just records the road ahead or a multiple-lens system that offers both forward-facing and rear windscreen cameras

The recording quality

We suggest shopping around to find a dash cam that gives you high-quality footage. The image quality may prevent you from using the footage in the case of an incident, to prove you're not at fault.

The dash cam features

With a whole host of features available on the market, the essential ones are:

  • G-force sensors

    As dash cams record on a continuous loop, the footage risks being recorded over when the SD card is full. Dash cams with G-force sensors automatically save moments of high G-force (an impact or collision), protecting the footage from being overwritten.

  • Parking mode

    A handy feature to have is the parking mode. This enables your dash cam to automatically begin recording if it detects an impact while your vehicle is parked. This is a great feature to have as it acts as evidence when presenting it to insurance providers and in some cases, to the police, especially as there is a rise of incidents occurring while vehicles are stationary and the culprit flees the scene.

  • GPS

    Location tracking allows you to pinpoint your exact location at the time of the incident. It stored the route you've travelled as well as the speed you were travelling.

With a variety of dash cams available to buy, with prices ranging from as low as £15, up to £200, the dash cam you decide to purchase largely depends on how much you want to spend.

To help you make that decision, we've listed Amazon's top 5 bestselling dash cams to get you started:

Final note

The important thing to remember is that dash cams are there to serve an important purpose:

They encourage better driving and act as a second pair of eyes. Did you know that some insurance companies will offer you a discount if you install a dash cam?

What do you think about dash cams? Have you ever used the footage as proof in the event of an incident? Let us know in the comments below. Or, if you have any questions, call us on 01442 838713 – we are always happy to help.