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Land Rover Defender Van Review

4 Stars (2 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Jonathan Margerson - 06/03/2015

    It's exactly what I wanted.

    4 Stars
  • Paul Mckenna - 23/08/2012

    I like Landrover Defenders because they do a very specific job better than any other 4x4 -they score low on most of your choices above but are a very reassuring vehicle to have in arduos conditions or terrain.

    3 Stars
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  • Handling: STARS
  • Comfort: STARS
  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

Land Rover offer the last word in rugged toughness and the Land Rover Defender Utility Wagon is no exception to this rule, even though like all other Land Rovers, it is a five seat affair. For the Land Rover Defender, the vehicle has the rear windows panelled, and subsequently it has been classed as a commercial vehicle.

Though fuel consumption on the Land Rover Defender is not the best at 25 miles per gallon, it is easily the best commercial vehicle in the world for off road travel. It has the best clearance height front the ground and the best underside protection just in case the unlikely event of the Land Rover Defender catches the ground and gets stuck.

The bulky no frills appearance is mirrored by the Land Rover Defender's workhorse ethic. It offers an extreme 359 Nm of torque at low revs with a 122 bhp. The pulling power of this vehicle simply cannot be overstated, and can easily shift its 1009Kg payload up the side of a rough terrain mountain, and it is unlikely the driver will notice that the Land Rover Defender is fully laden. The power source for the vehicle is a 2.4 litre engine, and like the rest of the Land Rover Defender, feels strong and reliable.

Though the cabin is like the rest of the Land Rover Defender is practical and workhorse like, it is both functional and practical. The heating and ventilation has been improved on this vehicle, and this makes it a little more suitable for its secondary role as a family car. Audio systems too have been upgraded, and though it may not offer the same comfort as a family saloon, the Land Rover Defender has an honesty and genuine feel about it which many people love.

Despite the vehicles bulk and sturdiness, the Land Rover Defender offers a really good drive. Drivers appreciate that they are in control of a substantial vehicle, and it handling on the road is as good as anything else in its class for commercial usage. As a family vehicle, fitting into narrow car parking spaces is hard to envision, but it is not as restricted as a standard panel van.

There can be no doubting the Land Rover Defender's reliability or strength, and these qualities make it an ideal choice of vehicle for someone who needs a vehicle with good off road capabilities after they have dropped the kids off at school.

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