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Nissan Navara Van Review

5 Stars (100 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Tor Roberts - 10/12/2018

    Always had Nissan and as they say the best for by four by far.

    5 Stars
  • Richard Wilson - 15/11/2018

    So far great truck.

    4 Stars
  • Russell Blakeley - 31/10/2018

    Good solid performer

    4 Stars
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Our Review

There was a time when a pick - up was suited to the building site and were built accordingly. Almost over night they became the choice of company car for many due to the attractive pricing of the commercial vehicle tax rate, and as a result chrome finishes and luxury interiors began to emerge on pick - ups in place of sturdy and rugged design. The pendulum has swung again towards the centre, and many pick - up manufacturers aim to give the best of both worlds, as typified in the Nissan Navara Diesel D/Cab Pick - up.

Pick - ups do tend to be sturdy workhorse beasts even if the interior is carpeted and often the school run is its intended use. For a more conventional pick - up load, the Nissan Navara 2.5 diesel engine gives a drive 190 bhp and a torque of 450Nm at 2000 revs. This pulling power rivals Land Rover, and is highly impressive especially as the 31.4 mpg beats the Land Rover on fuel consumption too.

The Nissan Navara has a payload of 1110kg which is similar to many panel vans. Like all pick - ups it feels the bumps and lumps of urban roads, and its bouncy drive can be a little unsettling. Nissan have done a fair job however of keeping the suspension in check and when compared to other pick - ups, the Nissan Navara's drive is as smooth as any other.

As the Nissan Navara is designed to take the children to school as well as the materials to the building site, it has by commercial vehicle standards a luxury interior. The 6 multi - changer CD stereo can be accessed via the controls on the steering column. The Nissan Navara comes with ABS, EBD, brake assist and ESP traction control. All good for off road drives as well as negotiating busy urban streets. Both a driver and passenger airbags have been fitted together with side impact airbags, which is unusual in many commercial vehicles. Just to round it off curtain airbags have been fitted too. Electric windows complete the luxury.

The Nissan Navara represents a good attempt and design at providing a crossover of a practical commercial vehicle and the comfort and drive of a standard saloon. If the nature of the role of the pick - up is to take loads off road and to take little Tommy to school, then it is difficult to think of a better model than the Nissan Navara.

Nissan Navara Van Review is brought to you by our motoring professionals at Vanarama.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Nissan Navara. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Nissan Navara now.

  • October 29 2018

    Extremely pleased with the vehicle.

  • September 27 2018

    Best truck I have had so far, running costs better than most.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 21 2018

    Love the new Nissan Navara, how ever MPG I’ve no idea how they say it will do the reported mileage, Overall I’d recommend getting a Nissan as I’ve driven many of its competitors!

  • August 06 2018

    Impressed so far, but only had it a couple of weeks.

  • July 11 2018

    Perfect vehicle for our company, ideal for travelling around Norfolk's rural roads. Very comfortable, and with just the right amount of accessories. Perfect for transitioning from work to home life.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 19 2018

    For the vehicle type (i.e commercial, utility vehicle) this is suprisingly high spec - having come from owning a Land Rover Discovery 3 we never expected ride/hadling etc to be comparable as they are from different market sectors but we are pleasently suprised - comfort/handling over a long journey (5 hours) was satisfactory and it towed a caravan well with better economy than our previous vehicle.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 19 2018

    Early days yet but very pleased so far.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 12 2018

    Excellent !

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 04 2018

    Really happy with this machine. It has all the bells and whistles that I could possibly want.

  • May 21 2018

    I have only had the vehicle for a few weeks, so any review is made with qualification. So far i have been most impressed . Most of my work involves towing heavy plant around, the Navara has coped effortlessly.

  • May 16 2018

    Great truck. Does everything you’ll ever need and more. Ill never go back to vans again.

  • April 30 2018

    It was just as I expected it to be, tough no nonsense reliability

  • April 25 2018


  • April 11 2018

    Nissan is acceptable for my company needs

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 29 2018

    So far so good.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 17 2018

    good strong truck great for towing

  • March 13 2018

    Good solid pick up with well thought through extras

  • March 13 2018

    Awesome to look at and a good drive.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 23 2018

    Better vehicle than VW Amarok

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 21 2018


  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 08 2018

    I’ve had all the trucks on the market this is up there has one of the best

  • February 06 2018

    Brilliant car, great quality and confort for a workhorse and relatively inexpensive to run

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 29 2018

    Very comfortable and car like to drive but still a very sturdy working machine.Very happy indeed with my purchase.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 28 2018

    Too early to tell bit first impression very happy with the vehicle

  • January 27 2018

    Fulfills my needs

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 27 2018

    Very useful pickup ideal for work and play .

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 23 2018


  • January 04 2018

    It seems a very capable double cab pickup.

  • January 03 2018

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 03 2018

    Love it!

  • January 03 2018

    A practical truck that feels car like. Comfort and style.

  • December 22 2017

    Excellence very pleased.

  • December 13 2017


  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 07 2017

    Like it as I like the previous one. Finding the seats on the new one slightly less comfortable though - but that's the only negative.

  • December 05 2017

    Love it!

  • December 04 2017

    So far so good.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 08 2017

    A quality vehicle, I actually don't mind driving to work, I feel more confident arriving to quote for jobs. A good edition for my business. As my business grows, hopefully, I will be using Vanarama to acquire more vehicles.

  • July 31 2017

    Very impressed with the level of equipment and the refinement.

  • July 07 2017

    Latest model far better than our previous model. More refined.

  • July 06 2017

    A nice vehicle, ideal for work and family.

  • June 23 2017

    It's a MONSTER!

  • June 23 2017

    Very pleased, excellent vehicles.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 23 2017

    So far nice vehicle.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 09 2017

    For value for money. The Nissan is great with all the accessory included.

  • May 19 2017

    Value for money.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 03 2017

    Great motor really. Just what I needed for my 10 stone dogs comfort.

  • December 20 2016

    Very good for what I need

  • December 01 2016

    Excellant, comfortable and very much what I expected.

  • November 16 2016

    Great truck very comfortable very pleased.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 17 2016

    Bit juicy on the fuel but overall a great truck and a very comfortable drive.

  • October 11 2016

    I've only had my Navara for a week but initial impressions are even better than I'd hoped for. Considering it's still very much a pick-up truck, the quality of the interior is great with easy to clean surfaces and it's an extremely comfortable place to be - even the Mrs likes it! The Auto box is nice and smooth and the low down power delivery is perfect for a truck of its size - Very happy!

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 05 2016

    Perfect, had earlier models, great improvement.

  • September 08 2016

    Does everything and if not more than I expected.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 02 2016

    Good vehicle, ideal for our requirements.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 10 2016

    Ideally suited for my business.

  • August 02 2016

    I'm pleased with what you've done for me with this vehicle.

  • July 11 2016

    Very good.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 04 2016

    Great work vehicle. It's so comfy I would even use it as a personal vehicle! Only had it a week or so but so far no complaints.

  • June 30 2016

    Excellent value for money.

  • June 22 2016

    Great, an improvement over the old Navara.

  • June 22 2016

    At this early stage it seems to meet our needs and is a far improved version of the old Navara.

  • June 21 2016

    Alot better than the old model, auto gearbox is excellent, back suspension is excellent, drives very good and feels very plush inside though I would have preferred two front electric seats, rain sensitive wipers and rear central arm rest.

  • May 27 2016

    Great vehicle to drive.

  • May 27 2016

    So far so good!!

  • May 25 2016

    It's ok for what I need but it looks as though Nissan have cut a few corners with the Np300. For example there is no outside temp sensor/auto wipers or passenger electric seat also the drivers seat base is very uncomfortable after a short time spent in it. The dash and door cards are very hard plastic and cheap looking but the ride is very good for a pick up truck. Overall I am happy with it and will learn to live with the niggles I have as the truck looks awesome and drives well.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 11 2016

    Too early to say but so far we are very impressed.

  • May 09 2016

    Great vehicle.

  • April 18 2016

    Delighted but not sure if it will be as economical as they say.

  • April 08 2016

    As good as any 4x4 car with the added bonus of the carrying load.

  • February 03 2016

    Extremely pleased and, in my opinion, a much better finished and more comfortable vehicle than my previous vehicle which was a Mitsubishi L200 Warrior.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 17 2015

    Exactly as expected from a pickup truck, more comfortable than expected and a great specification. For some reason it doesn't like reversing in 4 WD mode. The fuel economy is no where near the specified average of 33 Mpg, more like 24 Mpg on a good run, 18 Mpg in town, and this is with no load. The back cab is very practical- the way the seats fold up or down and the space is good. Does feel like a very solid build truck.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 03 2015

    Great vehicle. As my nine year old keeps telling me ''it's a tank!'' which apparently is a good thing. I love it. It drives like as large vehicle but once you get used to that, fine. The extras on it are fantastic.

  • October 29 2015

    Perfect for what I need it for. Comfy but practical. Drives beautifully.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 16 2015

    Awesome vehicle. Easy to get a pallet in the back. The high spec interior makes driving with goods a lot more comfortable.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 30 2015

    Excellent commercial pick up

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 16 2015

    Truck was a replacement for previous Navara, did look at all others on the market but nothing seemed to compare. I just hope the new model due out, lives up to the D40 of present.

  • August 19 2015

    It's a great truck. Bit bouncy when unloaded, but it's exactly what you would expect.

  • August 17 2015

    Perfect for my dual purpose needs.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 18 2015

    I am very happy with the pickup. It is perfect for my work and family requirements.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 05 2015

    This is by far the best pickup on the market! I was given a Warrior as a temp for a week and it was agricultural compared to the road manners of the Navara . Look no further.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 17 2015

    Very nice vehicle and nice to drive.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 07 2015

    Excellent vehicle for work and pleasure. But early to tell reliability and performance standards, but for now very happy.

  • December 18 2014


  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 16 2014

    Everything was good, although the interior is very basic and I wish I had included the sat nav.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 03 2014

    Good solid motor, plenty of space all round and good performance.

  • November 26 2014


  • November 04 2014

    It's a very expensive pick up truck. I can't give a full review, as we have only had the vehicle for two days.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 17 2014

    Very happy with my new Nissan.

  • October 15 2014

    Good all round pickup. Pity the tow capacity is not 3.5tons.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 25 2014

    It is a superb piece of machinery. Quality is evident all over it, it goes well and handles well. Brakes could do with a little more bite for when it's fully loaded, but generally okay. Smooth, comfortable, great equipment, great driving position... Great vehicle!

  • August 18 2014

    I previously had a 2001 Navara. This new model is such an improvement in all areas, especially in styling. The flame red paintwork makes it look fantastic. I am one very happy bunny. Many thanks.

  • July 25 2014

    Too early to say, only driven for 60 miles. Looks good though. Nice quality.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 25 2014

    Excellant, even the wife likes it!

  • July 04 2014

    Love it. Perfect for my needs as a dual role vehicle.

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 11 2014

    Its a great vehicle. Its the first "new" pickuptruck that I have ever had and its a big thing for me.

  • April 08 2014

    Good all round truck

  • Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 21 2014

    Now the 3rd Navara we have had. Surprised how spec differs from truck to truck. Last Navara was Tekna Connect and had higher spec than this model. Disappointed with lack of Sunroof and a few other refinements as I assumed all Tekna models had the same highest spec.

  • March 04 2014

    Really happy with it, could of done with a little more space in the flat back area for what I need it for but thats something and nothing, great pick up thanks

  • December 13 2013

    Good vehicle , good value for money , mpg not great but really practical .

  • December 04 2013

    Its the first Navara I have had and it is everything and more than I wanted.

  • October 18 2013

    Very nice. It has a car like drive and handles all that we can throw at it :-)

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