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Non-League Day 2014

Published on Wednesday 10 September 2014 in Vanarama National League News

Non-League Day 2014

Thanks for helping us support Non-League Day 2014

As sponsors of The Football Conference, Vanarama helped to support and publicise Non-League Day on Saturday 6th September 2014 - the annual event that sees Non-League Football take centre stage as the domestic season pauses for internationals.

Our input this year was to create and promote an engaging campaign that ensured high attendance up and down the leagues with many teams posting record Non-League Day attendances.

Our central aim was to support bringing Non-League Football to a wider audience, whilst at the same time raising money for Prostate Cancer UK - the chosen charity of The Football Conference.

Whilst we didn't break records, narrowly missing the previous high for Non-League Day weekend of 39,210 in 2012 we are pleased and proud to have played our part in driving extra fans through turnstiles up and down the country achieving an attendance figure of 38,675.

Prostate Cancer UK donation hits £7735!

One of the objectives of the campaign was to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK charity. We promised that for every fan attending a game we would donate 10p to Prostate Cancer UK. We further promised that if we broke the 50k barrier for attendance we wouldDOUBLE the donation to 20p per fan.

Whilst we didn't smash the 50k attendance barrier we have committed that we will double our original donation from £3867 for getting attendances of 38,675 to a total of £7735.

Campaign statistics for #thumbsup4NLD

As part of our campaign we supported Non-League Day via a Twitter campaign to get football personalities and football fan to tweet pictures of themselves with their 'Thumbs Up for Non-League Day'. We had huge support right across the football family from personalities such as Michael Owen, Chris Waddle, Robbie Savage and our campaign ambassador Matt Le Tissier through to stars from Darts and Golf, we even got a thumbs up from Snooker legend Steve Davis!

If you're interested to see how the campaign raised awareness and attention, we've created a graphic below to illustrate some of the key numbers from the campaign.

And finally some thanks

Thank you to the original founders of Non-League Day for allowing us to help support their campaign to raise awareness around Non-league Day.

Thank you to fans from clubs up and down the Non-League structure - whilst we are sponsors of The Football Conference we acknowledge and respect the work done up and down the leagues.

Thank you to anyone who attended a match on Non-League Day, you played a big part in ensuring some clubs enjoyed record attendances.

Thank you to an army of volunteers who work tirelessly in clubs to make sure fans enjoy a great game of football week in week out.