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The Best Alternatives To The Vauxhall Corsa

The best alternatives to the vauxhall corsa

In 2021, the Vauxhall Corsa (leasing from c.£172 per calendar month) proved to be the most popular car in the UK, with almost 41,000 unit sales in the year to put it top of the annual chart for the overall best-selling motors. But what if you don’t fancy going with the herd? What other alternatives are open to you in the B-segment, or supermini, class? Here are 10 of the best Corsa competitors.

Ford Fiesta

01. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-ford-fiesta

Standout Feature: Engaging chassis | Leasing Costs From: c.£170pcm

Long the car which held top spot in the nation’s hearts, 2021 was the first time in more than a decade that the Fiesta didn’t reign supreme in the sales charts. But just because it has slipped from its lofty perch doesn’t mean you should ignore the Fiesta – this Ford is still easily one of the best things you can drive in this segment, and that counts whether it is in regular format or if it is specified as the sizzling ST range-topper, one of the all-time great hot hatchbacks.

Renault Zoe

02 feature worldevdayevpersonalities renaultzoe 06.09 mr

Standout Feature: Excellent range | Leasing Costs From: c.£289pcm

Is there a better introduction to the world of electric cars than the Renault Zoe? This small and nippy EV has up to 238 miles of range, thanks to its 52kWh battery, which is more than enough capability to drop the kids off at school, commute to work and then get home to recharge. Or you could even drive from Hemel Hempstead to Wales (we know, we tried; read all about it here). This award-winning electric car is a great all-rounder for those just starting out in the world of EVs while also offering great value-for-money too. If you worry about range when you’re out and about, make sure you utilise the ‘B’ driving mode which maximises regenerative braking and turns your stopping energy into driving energy.

Hyundai i20

03. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-hyundai-i20

Standout Feature: Strong warranty | Leasing Costs From: c.£200pcm

Kia might have a 7-year warranty, but that’s limited to 100,000 miles after 3 years of cover have elapsed. However, while Hyundai’s offering is shorter in terms of time, at 5 years, it is unlimited mileage for the duration of that period, giving you the best possible peace of mind as an owner. That the current 3rd-generation i20, launched in 2020, is one of the best superminis in the class in all regards is the icing on the cake here.

Nissan Micra

04. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-nissan-micra

Standout Feature: Edgy design | Leasing Costs From: c.£159pcm

Don’t laugh – Nissan has worked hard with the Mk5 Micra to shake off the blue-rinse connotations with owning this little Japanese runaround. No longer is it a cutesy little bubbly car in terms of the exterior styling, but now the outside is all angular and striking, while you can specify a Bose Personal Sound system in the cabin which puts speakers in the driver’s head restraint. Throw in a decent chassis and this is a car transformed from its lacklustre predecessors.

Peugeot 208

05. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-peugeot-208

Standout Feature: Unique dashboard | Leasing Costs From: c.£229pcm

The Peugeot 208 looks like a concept car on the outside to begin with, but once you climb aboard you are greeted with the most distinctive interior this side of some high-end exotic stuff. Peugeot calls it ‘i-Cockpit’, although what that really means is that there’s a tiny, low-mounted steering wheel and then the instrument cluster sits above it; it’s kind of like a head-up display. Not all people get on with i-Cockpit, but if you do then you won’t get a better cabin in this class than the Peugeot’s set-up. If you're looking for style in a small package Peugeot 208 leasing might be for you.

Renault Clio

06. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-renault-clio

Standout Feature: Big boot | Leasing Costs From: c.£187pcm

The Renault Clio Mk5 is a great supermini all round in the first place, with a classy cabin, smooth and engaging turbocharged powertrains, and typically chic French styling. However, it also packs a 391-litre boot and that’s simply vast for this size of car – in fact, it’s more cargo capacity than you’d get in the Volkswagen Golf Mk8, a vehicle from the class above the Renault.

SEAT Ibiza

07. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-seat-ibiza

Standout Feature: Youthful appeal | Leasing Costs From: c.£180pcm

The SEAT Ibiza has all the ingredients that appeal to the young at heart. It has some of the best engines in the sector, with powerful and zesty turbocharged petrols from the Volkswagen Group topping the range. Its chassis is set up for driving fun but it doesn’t sacrifice all comfort and usability to achieve that noble dynamic goal. And both the chiselled exterior appearance, which can be finished in bright colours, and the excellent interior with a snazzy infotainment system make this a super-strong all-rounder in the B-segment marketplace.

Skoda Fabia

08. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-skoda-fabia

Standout Feature: Unbeatable pragmatism | Leasing Costs From: c.£192pcm

You don’t drive a Skoda Fabia because you’re after the last word in excitement, that much is true. However, if you want a supermini that will seamlessly slot into your lifestyle and which will also strive to make every journey as stress-free as possible, a Skoda Fabia lease is for you. Just updated into an all-new 4th generation, the Skoda comes with lots of ‘Simply Clever’ interior touches, a big boot, loads of cabin space and user-friendly, cutting-edge technology.

Toyota Yaris

09. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-toyota-yaris

Standout Feature: Hybrid power | Leasing Costs From: c.£191pcm

Toyota’s been making hybrid versions of the Yaris for some years now, which is not reason enough alone to pick this Asian supermini. However, the 4th-generation car launched in 2020 has a significantly developed 1.5-litre drivetrain, which is far more pleasant to use than Toyota’s previous efforts in this regard. Not only that, but the Yaris Mk4 looks terrific on the outside, especially in the 2-tone colour schemes that paint the roof black.

Volkswagen Polo

10. top-10-alts-vauxhall-corsa-volkswagen-polo

Standout Feature: Peerless refinement | Leasing Costs From: c.£195pcm

The Mk6 Polo has just undergone a significant midlife facelift, but that hasn’t altered the fact this is the most mature, grown-up car in this segment. There’s a 207hp GTI model as a flagship if you don’t fancy a Ford Fiesta ST, Hyundai i20N or the brilliantly bonkers Toyota GR Yaris, but even regular models of the Volkswagen supermini will feel incredibly comfortable and secure on the motorway, with top-notch ride quality and impeccable rolling refinement. It’s ‘big-car feel’ for small-car prices with the Polo.

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