5 reasons why the Ford Transit Connect by Deranged is a beast!

They say good things come in small packages. Well, this couldn't be truer for the all-new Ford Transit Connect by Deranged. But, what's so special about it? Vanarama's Laura Day finds out.

Ford has always delivered when it comes to commercial vehicles, and that's because they're a trusted brand and they deliver exactly what they promise: top-notch, reliable vans.

Deranged smashed it with the Ford Transit Custom, so it comes as no surprise that the Connect is just as edgy and cool. And, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive show around the all-new Connect by Jason Palosi from Deranged. Check out the video at the bottom of the page for more details.

Here are the best bits...

1. Wheely nice

Who knew wheels could look SO sexy? Well, believe what you see because these all-new, 18" gloss-back alloy wheels look the absolute business! Plus, the Michelin style tyres give you the best balance of safety, longevity and fuel efficiency on the road too.

2. Inside intel

Deranged do personalisation too – obviously. You can upgrade the inside of your cabin to a premium, full leather finish with quilted stitching, (available in pretty much any colour too). However you want to jazz your vehicle up – Deranged have got your back.

3. Roof spoiler

That's right, Deranged even add roof spoilers to these good-looking commercial vehicles. This wasn't carried out on the Ford Transit Custom when they decided to upgrade that model a while ago. But, it's a nice little touch that just seems to work perfectly on this compact van.

4. Matchy-matchy

These extras just get better and better! Pretty much everything is colour-coded – the front splitter is in body colour with gloss black inserts. Plus, the rear diffuser has an extension on the rear bumper with the insert also in gloss black.

Even the side skirt is colour coded with an extra side bar fitted. This van is proof that it's the little changes that make a big statement.

5. Undoubtedly Deranged

Last, but certainly not least – the Deranged identifier at the back and on the wings, that makes the Ford Transit Connect really fly (well, not literally – but you get the picture). It's this emblem that makes the Connect so recognisably Deranged.

All the gear, EVERY idea!

The [Ford Transit Connect Deranged]) is the full package. Edgy but still serving a serious purpose – that's what Deranged is all about. Do you like what you see?  And, check out Jason Palosi showing us around the all-new Connect too below.

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