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Are you ready for Winter?

Published on Tuesday 26 November 2013 in Van News

You rely on your van to get you about, so you can get your job done and pocket the cash. So with the colder weather upon us it makes sense to invest some time in maintaining your van, to ensure it stays on the road during the icy conditions.

Most big corporations can afford to close in the severe weather conditions, but a lot of smaller businesses and sole traders have to make the call on whether they drive in hazardous snow and ice, or end up out of pocket.

You obviously have to make that decision yourself, but here are some tips on what to do if you choose to brave the elements! Everything requires some extra TLC during the winter months. If you want to steer clear of a breakdown, it's worth doing a bit more than just brandishing an ice scraper around!

- Check your antifreeze levels and make sure your battery cables and terminals are clean and tight.

- Examine the tread of your tyres against the manufacturer's recommendations.
- Tyre pressure can lower in cold temperatures. Alter the pressure as required based on the manufacturer's recommendation.
- Ensure the wiper blades are intact and unstick them from your frozen windscreen before use.
- Dig out your owner's manual and check you've got the recommended viscosity of oil for the cold temperatures.
- Top up your windscreen fluid with a solution that won't freeze in winter temperatures. Make sure it's kept full as you'll obviously be using it more often when travelling on slushy roads.
- It's worth giving your van an extra coat of wax to protect it from all the ice, snow and salty roads.
- Once you've done this, ensure you wash the van as often as you can, taking care to clean the wheel arches and underside of the vehicle well.