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ATTENTION: Government propose changes to Highway Code!

Published on Wednesday 20 December 2017 in Van News

ATTENTION: Government propose changes to Highway Code!

What are the proposed changes to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?

The Government has outlined their plans to introduce the use of remote control parking and motorway assistance technology as part of the Highway Code, in a bid to make the roads a safer place. Vanarama's Laura Day takes a closer look at what these changes will mean for drivers.

The Transport minister Jesse Norman said: "The Government is determined that Britain should lead the way in embracing the safe deployment of new vehicle technology", and their latest proposals are purely for the driver's convenience.

So, here's what has been suggested:


1. Remote control parking

In a consultation launched on December 19th, the Government suggested that the use of remote control parking on British roads would provide significant advantages for drivers, particularly those with mobility problems.

This is because people with mobility impairments drive specially adapted vehicles, and whilst these enable people to drive, remote control parking would result in greater flexibility for drivers when accessing suitable parking.

From a safety perspective, remote control parking may also reduce the chance of accidentally hitting other vehicles – both when carrying out the manoeuvre itself and opening the door upon leaving the vehicle, in tight spaces.


2. Motorway Assist

Motorway Assist systems build on the existing safety systems, with its function being able to control the vehicle's position and speed, while driving along a high-speed road.

Here are just a few of the potential driving benefits:

  • Fuel efficiency – the technology would maintain a given speed better than a human driver is capable of
  • Safety – it has been recognised that cars fitted with Advanced Emergency Braking Systems are less prone to collisions than ones without, meaning we can expect the same kind of benefits from a motorway assistance system
  • Improve traffic flow – with more people driving at a constant speed, meaning less vehicles speeding up and down, there is less likely to be so many accidents on the road


What does the future hold?

The consultation on these proposed changes is underway and will last for six weeks, so only time will tell if they will become part of the Highway Code.

Jesse Norman said: "Features such as remote control parking and motorway assist have the potential to transform car travel, adding greater convenience and accessibility to drivers, so that they can park and drive with more confidence."

Sounds like a sensible suggestion to me…but, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.