Deranged designs prove less IS more!

The Deranged philosophy is as much about jazzing up, as it is about stripping right back. Less really is more, and they prove that adding extras to a motor doesn't always mean making the vehicle a whole lot louder.

And that's not to say that Deranged vehicles don't make a bold statement, because they do. But it's done in a way that refines and moulds the vehicle's body parts, in to new shapes that make you question why they weren't like that from the very start!

The Lego philosophy

It all started with Lego. Jason Pelosi, Creative Director, claims he loved to break pieces up and build them back together. Years on, he and Alex Kilbey, Technical Director, worked alongside each other taking cars apart and giving them a complete revamp.

With this passion, came the birth of Deranged. Just like the Lego pieces, their innovation was based on the idea of breaking car models down, finding out what they could improve and then building them back up even stronger.

They don't just create, they TRANSFORM, ultimately producing vehicles that truly excite people.

The Deranged range

Upgrade is the key to understanding what Deranged is really about. They epitomise glamour, in the most striking, yet understated way.

From a fancy front grille with the Deranged emblem, to luxury LED tail lights. Body colour door handles and mirror caps, to privacy glass and all-terrain tyres with Deranged alloy wheels - the vehicles are transformed in to something quite unmistakably Deranged!

Now these small changes have a big impact on the whole character of the vehicle. A few simple revamps and you're left with a statement.

The future is Deranged

And it totally is! People are mad for these transformer cars and this trend is only going to grow.

Deranged represents prestige and transformation, in the most subtle and refined way. Choosing Deranged means choosing to drive a stylish vehicle with dominating presence; a decision that is guaranteed to turn the heads of so many out on the road.

And if an understated, yet compelling customisation sounds like something you are interested in, then visit our website here to see what we can offer you in the Deranged range.

Check out the full range of Deranged vehicles at, or head to our Deranged page to see the leasing deals we can offer.

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