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How a safety policy for winter driving can save you time and money!

Published on Thursday 04 January 2018 in Van News

How a safety policy for winter driving can save you time and money!

AA calls for businesses to deploy road safety policy...

The AA is calling on fleet managers and business owners to ensure they have a road safety policy for winter driving in place…but, how will this affect you? Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

With recent snowy conditions hitting the UK, the AA has suggested that all businesses (however little or large), should have a road safety policy in place for their employees, meaning that in the event of snow, staff will know EXACTLY what to do.


The facts

The suggestion stemmed from the effects of the poor weather conditions in the UK – many employees were left stranded at home and unable to travel, or even broken down in an attempt to take on the treacherous conditions.

The AA identified that December 11th, 2017 was their busiest day, recording 24,000 break downs!

With this in mind, a robust road safety policy within businesses could potentially prevent future figures hitting such a high.



Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the national monitoring platform for work-related health, safety and illness, has recommended that business owners and employers position a thorough health and safety policy, covering all on-the-road work activities and the risks around them.

Stuart Thomas, director of fleet and SME services at the AA identifies that this road safety policy "applies to so-called grey fleets, the term used to describe any vehicles which are used for business travel but are not owned by the company".

This modification should include guidance on "what to do in the event of poor weather conditions. Many company car drivers have been left unsure of their company's policy, with some still attempting to travel in the snow".

Stuart goes on to advise that "following the terrible weather conditions that have hit the UK, there is a clear need for businesses to ensure their health and safety policy contains guidance on road safety."


According to the AA

The AA's proposed changes to businesses health and safety policies should include a basic 'what to do' in the event of hazardous driving conditions.

This way, employees are aware of company policy and know exactly what to when severe weather strikes.


A word of advice

So, however big or small your business may be – even if you have a fleet of just 3 or 4 commercial vehicles – the AA recommends that putting a road safety policy in place, including the 'dos and don'ts' for driving in winter conditions, is the best way to organise and protect your drivers from danger on the roads.

Ultimately, protecting your drivers means protecting your business – and that's what it's all about.

Is this something that could benefit your business and employees? Have you ever thought about introducing a policy like this before? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions, call us on 01442 838195 – we are here to help.