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National Apprenticeship Week 9th to 13th March 2015

Published on Wednesday 11 March 2015 in Community News

National Apprenticeship Week 9th to 13th March 2015

Tell us about your great apprentices!

National Apprenticeship Week 9th to 13th March 2015

Apprenticeships have long been the tradition in the building trade.  They are becoming ever-popular as young people opt to avoid the *average £44k of student debt, while learning a fruitful trade and earning a wage to boot.  In National Apprenticeship Week, we're keen to preach to unconverted employees about the benefits of taking on an apprentice – did you know that businesses report an average increase in productivity by £214 a week when they hire apprenticeships? We'll also be asking those of you with an apprentice on-board to make a big shout out for your very own apprentice.


New blood, new ideas…

We'll start by bigging-up our own…  meet Annie Gardener, Accounting Apprentice and Jake Alderson, Marketing Apprentice.  Annie is training to get her ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification, while Jake is working towards a NVQ Level 3 in Social Media.  Both do an amazing job for us here at Vanarama.  Our apprentices aren't just working to earn a pay cheque, they are working to learn new skills and become important members of our teams. After all, no one wants to be a tea boy/girl - Jake and Annie are no different!


Dedication – that's the name of the game!

With no pre-conceived ideas about how a job should be done and energy and enthusiasm in bucket loads, we believe that thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the UK could benefit from taking on an apprentice.  Research by Populus conducted for National Apprenticeship Week showed that 80% of employers questioned feel that apprenticeships help to reduce staff turnover, suggesting that apprentices remain loyal to the company that gave them the foot-up in the first place.


Improving the bottom line

The cost of funding an apprentice may put some employers off, but in reality apprentices often pay for themselves within a few years and can improve a company's bottom line by boosting productivity and making companies more effective.  The initial outlay of hiring an apprentice is often smaller than many companies think, thanks to government funding and the fact that they are paid a reduced wage.


I'm convinced.  Where do I sign-up?

Taking on an apprentice is not complicated.  There's plenty of guidance on the Department for Trade and Industry website


Big up your own apprentice!

For those of you who already have an apprentice on board, we hope you can take time out to share your stories about your amazing apprentices.  Perhaps they have gone the extra mile to help your business, or maybe you are especially proud of a piece of work they have done.  Send us a picture or a few words to let us know! Message us on Facebook or Tweet us


*Institute for Fiscal Studies