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Nissan launches NV300 Concept and you should be excited

Published on Wednesday 30 January 2019 in Van News

Nissan launches NV300 Concept and you should be excited

The NV300 Concept has been launched by Nissan at the Brussels Auto Show – and the press shots make it look beautiful! Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

Nissan wants the NV300 to showcase the versatility of their vans, and the one I'm showing you pictures of throughout this article has been converted to suit a carpenter – but Nissan are promising that the van's standard storage will allow all types of users from all types of trades to adapt and tailor the van to suit their needs.

It's even packing mobile power sources – a technology Nissan are cleverly calling ROAM – allowing users to power tools, radios, kettles and whatever else they might need to do their jobs.


A key differentiator

The vehicle will come in a variety of lengths and heights and looks set to hit European markets sometime this year. This van feels fresh and is clearly the result of some bold decisions, especially the choice to provide mobile power as standard.

It will be a key differentiator for Nissan in the LCV market. And we can't wait to get our hands on it!


ROAMing around

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this new concept is the integrated portable battery solution called ROAM.

Think all-in-one, weatherproof power packs that provide emission-free (and silent) power while on the go. The packs will feature a storage capacity of 700Wh with a maximum power output of 1kW.


Sustainable power

But perhaps the best bit is that these power packs are made from batteries recovered from Nissan LEAF electric vehicles which have come to the end of their life – a great example of Nissan's leadership in sustainable energy technology. AND, the power pack can be recharged with a solar panel mounted on the roof of the van.

So, if you've ever wanted to go 'off-grid', the Nissan NV300 Concept is now top of your list, eh?

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