Is your van really worth what you think it is?

50% OF LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES FAIL MOT. Protect your van's re-sale value, and your own safety, with our routine maintenance pointers

We often talk about the benefits of leasing a new vehicle rather than buying an old one, so we're sure you're well versed in why having a new, professional-looking vehicle is great for you and your business. But what happens when the vehicles gets to its first MOT? The latest figures from VOSA, the Government's vehicle testing agency, show that 50% of all light commercial vehicles fail their MOT on the first test.

We appreciate that if you are leasing a van it may not have reached the age where it needs an MOT yet, but with a third of failures being blamed on easy to fix faults, we thought it would be worth offering you a few pointers on routine maintenance.  These will not only help your van pass its MOT with flying colours when the time comes, but will also go some way to maximising its resale value when it's time to trade it in and, of course, help keep you safe while you are driving!

By keeping with regular vehicle maintenance, your van could be worth more at at the time of sale once your lease period is over.

Avoid downtime with regular vehicle maintenance

  • Make sure your van's tyres are the right type and size with the correct tread depth; look for and check any significant lumps or cuts in the sidewall
  • Check all your lights are working properly by getting someone to try them while you walk around the van
  • Your wipers and washers should work well enough to give a clear view of the road.  Ensure the washer bottle is topped up and use a pin to unblock the jets if necessary
  • Lift the wipers up and check the rubber is not split or perished
  • The registration plates should be tightly fixed and in good condition with text that's clear to read from 20m away
  • Check the windscreen is free of cracks and damage.  Get small stone chips repaired as soon as possible to stop them spreading any further and costing you the price of a new windscreen.

Of course, if you have your vehicle regularly serviced then your van should have a clean bill of health to go on the road.  But applying common sense, such as extra checks when you are doing high mileage, will go a long way to helping reduce unnecessary and costly downtime for your van.  Why not go through the checklist above today to ensure you're on the road with a well maintained vehicle? A lack of routine maintenance won't save you money in the long run because you risk increased running bills and potentially a decrease in the overall resale value of your vehicle if it is not looked after properly.

If you're looking to trade up to a new van and want to trade in your old one, call us on 0845 094 1399 or 01442 838 195.

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