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Selling a car before you lease a vehicle? Read this, it's full of tips

Published on Thursday 30 March 2017 in Van News

Selling a car before you lease a vehicle? Read this, it's full of tips

Save time and hassle by completing your V5 online and protect yourself from others' driving offences. Vanarama's Kate Bailey reports.

Everyone knows you have to tell the DVLA when you have sold your car, but did you know this can now be done with the click of a mouse? Obviously, less paperwork benefits the DVLA but the instantaneous online update also means that if the new owner triggers a speed camera as soon as they've left your drive, the ticket will be sent to them, not you!


What's changed?

In the past, you let the DVLA know that you'd sold a car by completing the right section of the log book (V5) by hand before passing the buyer the V5C/2 New Keeper Supplement and finally posting the rest to the DVLA. You still need to do the first bit, but the latter can now be done online, whether you are selling a vehicle privately or to the motor trade.


How do I inform the DVLA online?

It's pretty straightforward. The DVLA's online portal will guide you through a series of questions. You'll need the 11-digit reference from the V5 registration document and new owner's details. You'll still give the green V5C/2 to the buyer to act as a temporary V5 until they get a new one in their name.

The online registration will trigger an email and a letter to you, confirming the DVLA has successfully recorded the change in keeper. It will also calculate any outstanding car tax on the vehicle and automatically raise a cheque to post to you.


Everyone's a winner…

Don't worry if computers aren't your thing. The DVLA still accepts changes to the V5C document by post. Unlike some of the Government's more contentious transport policies though, this looks like a win-win situation for everyone who's at home with a computer!