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Get ahead of the game with your next cuppa

Published on Friday 21 November 2014 in Community News

Get ahead of the game with your next cuppa

Our light-hearted look at expanding your tea horizons

We know that a traditional cuppa and three sugars is most tradespeople's beverage of choice, but with Christmas around the corner, here's a slightly tongue in cheek guide to other teas you might think about to keep you ahead of the game:

Cold cure

If you've been struck down with a full-on cold and really can't face the heavy day's work ahead, reach for the ginger. Ginger root in hot water with lemon and honey can be a powerful germ-fighting combination.

Been out for a curry?

Peppermint is the tea for you as it's known to relieve abdominal wind and bloating. Great news for your workmates!

Stressed out?

Okay, you may have to see yourself as a bit of a 'new man' to drink a tea made from flowers. But chamomile is a calming tea - ideal for a day when you might not have seen eye to eye with a client or supplier! It can be helpful for treating insomnia too, helping to guarantee a good night's sleep, so you'll wake up ready for action.


Trying to hold off the weathered look for a bit longer? With its hit of vitamin C and other minerals, rooibos has so many health benefits, including warding off the signs of aging. So, if you feel the years are beginning to show, stock up on this helpful tea!

Ward off the winter blues

If the prospect of another Christmas with the in-laws is getting you down (and the whisky isn't within easy reach!) sip on some Lemon Balm tea and it will help lift your spirits.

Had a heavy night?

Ditch the fat cola and fry up as your hangover cure of choice. Milk thistle and Dandelion tea is a fantastic liver cleanser - helping the liver to regenerate and function at a higher capacity. Let's face it, your liver will probably need it over the festive season…

Keeping on top of your health

With the cold season in full swing we could all do with boosting immunity. One of the best plant sources of vitamin C is Rosehip. Consider reaching for some next time you need a pick-me-up.

We hope you've been inspired by our tea round-up. Next time you take five minutes out with your cuppa of choice, tell us about it…what do you drink with your digestives?

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