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The importance of trust in fleet management relationships

Published on Wednesday 28 February 2018 in Van News

The importance of trust in fleet management relationships

Fleet management needs trust...

At Vanarama Fleet, we understand that trust sits at the heart of all business endeavours, and managing a fleet is no exception to the rule.

Whilst it's true our job is to provide a service to you; the reality of this service goes a whole lot deeper than just 'fleet management'. After all, what's the point in our services unless you've got 100% faith in us? The service ceases to exist without the foundation blocks that it's built on, and that is fundamentally trust and peace of mind that your fleet is in the safest of hands with our team of experts.


Building relationships

At Vanarama, our Fleet Management proposition isn't just about the vehicles, it's everything else that comes with it too. We treat our customers like family. Fleet Management is about building relationships and providing ongoing support throughout the journey, to all parties involved. Trusting your fleet with a company is big thing, so ensuring you're working with a company you can trust is JUST as important.

All this talk about trust must have you thinking, "Well – this sounds brilliant…but, how can we prove this to you?" Well, let's start with our experience and presence within the automotive sector. We've been working for 10+ years in the automotive industry, and this lengthy period has allowed us to become experts in our field. We've got the very best prices available, because of our relationships with a panel of finance companies and manufacturers. We can guarantee top market prices first time because we CAN deliver them – we don't make empty promises.


With a team at your disposal

Not only can we deliver EXACTLY what we promise, but we can offer you the very best team for you to work alongside with. Our dedicated account managers are the very best of the best – all members of the Fleet Management team are specialists. You'll be able to contact your account manager directly – no middle man, no faff – just plain and simple direct contact with ONE individual, who will be your go-to for any questions or problems that may arise. We want to make your life as easy as possible, that's why having one dedicated account manager will ensure that your fleet receives the very best attention and care – no distractions.

And, as much as it pays to have a team of experts, none of this matters without your fleet onboard. That's why it's essential we extend our arms further than just the asset, because that's not all that's important to us. We pride ourselves on being a company that truly cares – whether you're the fleet manager or the driver, we are here to help from every which way.


Taking on more than just vehicles

We understand that trying to manage your vehicles while juggling everything else – the day job, your employees, and not to mention running an entire business – can be tough. But that's what we're here for, we'll help you get everything under control, and give you all the tools and support you need to stay in the driving seat. We MANAGE your fleet, but at the end of the day, it's still YOUR fleet – that's why choosing a company that you truly trust is so important.

What better peace of mind is there than knowing that any questions you have will be answered immediately, by your dedicated Vanarama support team. Need a reminder on your mileage allowance? Simply check our app. Wherever you are, however you want to work with us and whatever you need…we're there.

Trust us with your fleet, and you won't regret it.

If you have any questions, head to https://www.vanarama.com/fleet.html or call 01442 507 645 and ask us all about how Vanarama Fleet can give you trust in fleet management, and save you time and money.