The top 10 #VanaHacks

Did your work hack make it into our top 10? Find out below…

We asked to hear about your all your ultimate work hacks, and the results came flooding in. So, we thought we would handpick some of the very BEST. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Let's face it, we all LOVE discovering things that will make our work lives that little bit easier. That's why we asked you to send in your ultimate work hacks, so that we can share all of your useful tips.

Although it was difficult to pick from SO many, we've managed to whittle it down to our top 10. So, see which ones made the cut…

1. James Greenland

Mix your poly filler with the emulsion from the wall colour you are filling. This way, there's no painting work needed afterwards…inspired!

2. Karen Weedon

When sanding down small awkward areas of walls, place an envelope underneath and use it to catch all the falling dust. This way you'll avoid loads of residue hitting the floor and having to clear that up too.


3. Victoria Marks

Put your screw into Vaseline before screwing it into the wall, and it will come out easier when you decide to remove it in the future. So simple, yet so effective! We will definitely be trying this one.

4. Gary Clabburn

Wrap rope, cord, wire and cables, etc, around cuts of wood when you're not using them, and they're just sitting in your cupboards. This will save you the time and energy of untangling them in the future.

5. Jamie-Lee Plumridge

Now this one is pure genius. If you attach a magnet to a hammer with some tape, it will hold the nails to it when doing DIY. Forget constantly having to bend down to retrieve your nails off the floor, because this means you can carry them about with you as you go. What a good work hack!


6. Nicola Stott

Use a plastic carrier bag or shower cap to stop your hair from getting paint splattered on it. This means you can protect your nicely-groomed hair.


7. Ashleigh Bales

Once you've finished painting, but know that you'll need to continue the job tomorrow, instead of rinsing all of your paint brushes wrap them in cling film or pop them in a Tupperware box because this will keep the moister locked in.

8. Laura Jayne Bates

Nail a screw into the wall and use this as a hook to hang your hairdryer on. This will keep it properly out of the way so you don't end up stepping on it – perfect!


9. Benjamin William Crisafulli

No work is complete without a bit of music to help you on your way. That's why Benjamin's work hack is to always bring a few CDs along for the ride! What a smart work hack.

10. **Rὁisin Nic Eochάin

Another piece of fantastic guidance – Rὁisin says that if you take the time and patience to train new starters well, you will reap the rewards. Sounds like good advice to me.

And, that concludes our top 10 #VanaHacks. If you think your work hacks can compete with these ones then let us know in the comments below, or by the post you came here through. We would love to hear them…so get posting!

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