Top 4 Autumn Vehicles Available To Lease

At Vanarama we're always working hard to make sure you get the best deals on great vehicles & right now we have some amazing deals to shout about. That's why we asked Vanarama Vehicle Expert Tom Roberts to take a closer look at 4 vehicles - a small van, a medium van, a pickup truck & a car - that he thinks should be at the top of your Autumn leasing list.

Here was the challenge we set Tom: pick 4 vehicles on the site that people should lease in Autumn. It turned out to be easier than he thought because the deals on these 4 vehicles were simply too good not to shout about. So, grab a drink, sit back & enjoy.

Small Van: Vauxhall Combo Cargo Sportive

I strongly believe that platform sharing makes van manufacturers work harder. They need to ensure each brand remains identifiable even while sharing so much & that is obvious in the Vauxhall Combo Cargo. This PSA Group small van shares its platform with the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner & Toyota Proace City - so you know it comes from good stock. These vans scooped up awards left, right & centre on launch.

The Vauxhall Combo Cargo is a great van capable of carrying huge payloads of nearly 1000kg - a mean feat for any small van in a category where you'll often find payloads ranging from 700kg. The trim levels - Edition, Sportive & LE Nav - add various comforts & tech additions, but the Sportive trim level is such good value for money it's the one I'd always recommend. Sportive offers a perfect blend of comfort, tech & hard-wearing interior styling. The version we've picked features a powerful 1.5-litre Turbo D BlueInjection engine outputting 100ps, which is the mid-level for the Combo engines - a great blend of power & running costs.

While the Combo's platform brother, the Peugeot Partner, may sell faster right now, the Vauxhall badge is a hallmark of British van quality that UK trades will find hard to ignore.

Medium Van: Ford Transit Custom Limited

You just need to look at the Ford Transit Custom's sales figures to see how popular a vehicle it is & medium vans take their design cues from it. It's widely regarded as the perfect medium van - affordable, reliable, comfortable & powerful. It's why the Transit Custom is actually one of the UK's top 5 best-selling vehicles, not just the best-selling van.

Under the bonnet you'll find Ford's efficient 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine - the version we've chosen outputs an impressive 130ps of power. It's this power that allows the Transit Custom to carry max load volumes of 7.2 cubic metres & max payloads of up to 1,459kg. It's even capable of towing unbraked towage of up to 750kg & braked towage of up to 2,800kg, which is a key feather in its cap. Combine that power with the Limited trim level & you'll benefit from a comfortable interior with Ford's excellent Sync 3 Infotainment system nestled in its dashboard - it's one of the easiest systems to use.

I often use the Ford Transit Custom as my benchmark to review other medium vans - the cabin is amazing, the running costs are excellent & its practicality is hard to argue with. Its value for money as an all-round package is what makes it so attractive, in my opinion.

Pickup Truck: Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian X

I speak from experience when I say that the Mitsubishi L200 can handle any type of terrain - I've driven them through water, deep mud & even an indoor ski slope. It's a tough & versatile vehicle that truly takes some beating.

Under the hood are powerful, squat 2.3-litre diesel engines & some of the largest AdBlue tanks you'll find in the pickup truck category. These powerful engines are the reason the L200 can carry its maximum payload of 1,080kg. It's also capable of effortlessly towing triple-axle trailers with payloads of up to 3,500kg & at the Barbarian X trim level you can do all that in style. The double cab is huge - more like an SUV's interior than a commercial vehicle - with leather & suede seats, a heated steering wheel, cool blue LED lighting, infotainment screens, traction control options & plenty more. Your family will love this vehicle as much as you.

4-foot snow drifts are as easy to tackle for this vehicle as a motorway. It's also an incredibly good-looking vehicle that stands out from the other pickup trucks available right now - I'd recommend it to anyone.

Car: Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG Line

It's hard to imagine that the Mercedes-Benz GLA started life as the A Class, but there you go. This vehicle is a glorious SUV that knows what it wants to be - a family SUV with a luxury edge & the AMG Line version certainly delivers on that.

When picking a Mercedes-Benz, AMG Line trim levels are usually where people start their search because they offer the right level of high-tech interiors combined with the sleek, modern styling Mercedes-Benz just seem to nail - that's why we've chosen the GLA 200 AMG Line as our Autumn pick. Inside, you get leather trim & the same all-electronic dashboard & infotainment system you find in the A-Class (because if it ain't broke, don't fix it). For my money, the GLA is the perfect way to get a practical family vehicle with plush Mercedes-Benz trim - it's as spacious as it is sporty thanks, in part, to the front-wheel-drive 160hp 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

I truly understand why drivers of the GLA praise its all-round performance as untouchable by its competitors & truly worth the money. It's a sophisticated car that offers drivers & families exactly what they need from a car & it deserves your attention.

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