Top 5 reasons why we LOVE the Ford Ranger by Deranged!

Deranged's Jason Palosi took us on an exclusive walk round a Ford Ranger by Deranged and shared the best bits with us. Here's our top 5 features to look out for. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

The best things on Deranged's Ford Ranger...

1. Home-grown grilles


The new Ranger's grilles are all manufactured in the UK. With the addition of DERANGED boldly embossed on the front, where it would normally have RANGER etched on the front body, it really is unmistakably Deranged.

2. Mad for the badge


Deranged have customised a very snazzy, black metal badge for this unique model and Jason reveals that it actually weighs a substantial amount, if you were to hold it. This really is top quality stuff!

3. Deranged do DRLs


Now, Deranged have completely change the game with this. Where the standard Ford Ranger doesn't even come with LEDs, these fancy DRLs are a little extra something to glamourise and transform the front of the vehicle.

This fancy upgrade is not only easy on the eye, but highlights that Deranged have carefully considered the importance of installing safety technologies to maximise safety out on the road.

4. Total black-out!


Deranged have really gone to town with the black, because there's not a single spec of chrome in sight. It's all been blended in: grille, badge, bumper, alloy wheels, roll bar and rear lights…the LOT!

Subtlety is key because there are absolutely no bright, imposing colours in sight. The new Ford Ranger by Deranged is total sheek.

5. Iconic wheels


The design on these bad boys is pure genius. The tyres completely widen the whole stance of the vehicle, showcasing its domination and presence on the road.

The arches stick out 2 and a half inches further than the standard Ford Ranger, and with the wheels having a minus offset, this aligns both arch and wheel up perfectly, bringing the whole design fluidly together.

If you'd like to take a closer look, head to our deals pages here. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or head to Deranged's site at to see the full range of Deranged vehicles.

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