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Top 5 reasons why you NEED the Nissan Navara by Deranged!

Published on Thursday 14 December 2017 in Van News

Top 5 reasons why you NEED the Nissan Navara by Deranged!

Here's why we love the Nissan Navara by Deranged...

The Nissan Navara is a classic pickup truck that people go back to time and time again. Just add the Deranged elements and you've got yourself an absolute beast! Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

Jason Palosi does an exclusive walk round, showing us all the best bits of the Nissan Navara by Deranged.


1. Back to black

Nissan Navara Deranged

Wave goodbye to chrome and say hello to a total black-out! All the features on the Nissan Navara that would usually be chrome-coloured have been given a bold, black finish: fog lights, side steps, roof rails and rear bumper – the lot!


2. Front camera

Nissan Navara Deranged

Right at the front of the Nissan Navara sits the classic Deranged signature grille and the metal plaque shield. Deranged have installed their own bracket system on this grille in order to fit a camera right in the centre – fancy!


3. Colour coding

Nissan Navara Deranged

This Navara has had a total re-vamp – the mirrors and handles have been perfectly merged to meet the main body colour.


4. Wheely nice

Nissan Navara Deranged

These tyres have got a real presence. Forget your everyday pickup truck wheels, these bad boys give the Navara a bigger profile on and off the road.

You'll be turning heads behind the wheel of this tank.



Last, but not least…the bold DERANGED marking at the very back – making this Nissan Navara so unmistakably Deranged.

Here's the video if you would like to check out these standout features for yourself.