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Top 5 winter driving tips for van drivers

Published on Wednesday 30 November 2016 in Van News

Top 5 winter driving tips for van drivers

With the winter weather well and truly settling in, we could all do with a reminder on how to drive in the wet and icy conditions – so here's our top five tips for winter driving.

At Vanarama, we're big fans of sharing our experience, which is why we've worked with Thruxton Skid Pan Instructor Josh (who famously took our Brand Director Steve Mark on a spin around the tracks) to present our top five tips for winter driving. Take it away, Josh:


Winter tyres are fantastic

They aren't just for snow, they are designed to work in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. Readily available, they vastly improve grip and control in wet, cold, icy conditions.


Give yourself plenty of room from other road users

Especially on the motorway. The more room you have to access a situation the calmer and more confident the decisions you will make.


Have your van checked over

There are plenty of companies offering free winter checks, which are simple and straight forward but can make all the difference to a journey, especially something as small as making sure your tyre pressures are correct.


Keep a bag in the back of your vehicle

Pack it with blankets, water, food and a torch. This can make things much more comfortable if you break down or have to spend the night in your vehicle


Get some driving training at Thruxton Skid Pan

To give you the confidence to control a skidding van in a safe and controlled environment, Thruxton offers a number of courses at the specially-designed facility; find out more here.

Finally, to give you a taster of what you can expect if you fancy taking to the skid pan, take a look at our van going for a spin (quite literally) in the video below: