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Top 9 reasons why you SHOULD lease a diesel

Published on Monday 19 June 2017 in Van News

Top 9 reasons why you SHOULD lease a diesel

Diesel vehicles seem to be getting a lot of bad press these days, but it's really not fair. At Vanarama, we found 9 reasons why you're not crazy to want to lease a diesel vehicle.

1) The minimum emissions standards for the planned London Ultra Low Emission Zone are Euro 4 for both petrol and diesel vehicles – this means any vehicle built after 2005 should be exempt from the T-charge.

2) The latest Euro 6 vehicles (anything built from 2015 onwards) are classed as "low emission" for the purposes of the planned London Ultra Low Emission Zone, meaning drivers of these vehicles will be exempt from the T-charge.

3) 96% of the UK's 4.8 million commercial vehicles are powered by diesel engines.

4) In 2016, a record 1.3 million new diesel vehicles were registered in the UK, up 0.6% on the previous year – a trend that's continuing in 2017.

5) In March 2017, more businesses and consumers chose a new diesel vehicle than in any other month in history, with almost 250,000 leaving showrooms.

6) On average, diesels use 20% less fuel than like-for-like petrol models, and with diesel drivers typically covering 60% more miles, lower fuel bills are essential.

7) The latest Euro 6/VI vehicles are the cleanest in history. As well as special filters, they also feature technology that converts most of the NOx from the engine into harmless nitrogen and water before it reaches the exhaust.

8) Advanced diesel technology has virtually eliminated emissions of particulate matter, with 99% of these soot particulates captured by special filters fitted to all new diesel cars since 2011.

9) On diesel vehicles, service intervals are often longer and usually less repairs are required. The operational lifetime of a diesel engine is often far longer than for petrol engines.